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2020 in Review | Clientjoy

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Yash Shah

    Hope you are staying positive and testing negative. The Clientjoy Team & I wanted to Thank you and wish you Happy Holidays.. You are an important part of the Clientjoy Community so we wanted to share what we’ve been able to accomplish this year.


    So, here goes!

    💰 Raising $800K from GVFL

    We partnered up with a VC firm to accelerate Growth, Build more features, and write more Resources to further our mission of helping 100K Agencies Grow, Fulfil & Earn. Entrepreneur captured it the best here>>

    🚀 Launched for Free on Pitchground


    Your Social Media Followers are no good if they do not go where you want them to go! To solve this problem, we built Linkjoy which helps folks like you get 10x out of your Social Media. Get Linkjoy for free here>>

    🚀 Clientjoy on AppSumo

    We launched a Life-Time Deal on the world’s largest LTD platform, AppSumo which helped us accelerate product feedback and continue working on things that are of paramount importance for our users. Buy from AppSumo here>>

    🙏 Joined hands with Netsavvies


    From changing our name to Clientjoy to completely revamping our digital presence, Netsavvies Team (now Clientjoy Growth Team) has been instrumental in getting our message across. More on this partnership here>>

    😎 Clientjoy 2.0


    We worked tirelessly to transform Clientjoy from an older, clunkier piece of code to a modern, fast, and robust Product. Sign up for the new Clientjoy here >>

    Here are some Product Updates as well:


    • Launched a revamped Proposal Editor that’s simple and fast
    • Built Tags for better filtration and segregation of data
    • Improved Kanban view performance and made list view customizable


    • Launched Client Portal for sharing Proposals, Invoices & Files
    • Built Custom Branding so Clientjoy can work on your domain, send emails from your server and carry your logo everywhere!


    • Launched 4 templates for invoices
    • Built recurring invoicing with payment collection CTAs
    • Allowed custom email templates for all transactional emails as well


    • Custom Fields’ inclusion in Merge Fields across Clientjoy
    • Zapier launch enabling seamless integrations with 1000+ Applications
    • Paypal, Instamojo and Razorpay integrations for payment collections with more on the way!

    You can check out all the updates on our Changelog here >>

    😱 Got named 30 Tech Companies to Watch out for


    Our implementation of feedback from folks like you in our community hasn’t gone unnoticed. Inc42 named Clientjoy in their list of 30 Tech companies to watch out for. More on this list here >>

    🎧 Launched ‘The Agency Show’ Podcast

    We are moving towards the goal of centralizing all resources for Agencies. In our first step towards that, we launched ‘The Agency Show’ Podcast where Agency Owners doing 7+ figures join us weekly to discuss their Growth related strategies and Hacks. Here’s the Agency Show Podcast >>

    🎁 Here’s a quick question for you though..

    In spirit of Christmas Miracles, if you wished for one Product Feature that magically appeared in 2021 in Clientjoy, what would it be? Just put your reply in comments. Super eager to hear your thoughts.

    2021 is going to be far, far better than 2020. No way, but up from here 🙂 And a big hug from all of us at Clientjoy. Thank you for being with us during this journey!


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