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Big fan of Clientjoy from my first bit working with it. If they continue to develop the product and improve this is going to be a keeper.

Zeke Ducker

As a small non-profit helping children in Nepal & India (Namaste-Welfare), we are so happy to be able to use Clientjoy to manage our Leads & Clients, but also, Proposals & Invoicing, all centralized in 1 system. We could not think about living without it anymore! Highly recommended!

Yannick Jolliet

Using Clientjoy since 6 months. This is the perfect tools for all agency and independents. Sales, Invoices, growth revenue... All is perfect! And we have a perfect projection for all the new features.

Ylan Temim

Most awaited solution! I have tried multiple similar tools before but most of them dont have all the features together. Clientjoy delivers the best service for a business!

Catherine Hill
Digital Marketer

Clientjoy is a great and game changing service! In all means! I had an email sync setup problem and they fixed it in less than 24h. They provided me a zoom meeting link and we did fix it hands in hands. They even gave me a tour on the interface and showed me new features... awesome!

Yohan Cetout

Adding new contacts is easy, the interface and UX are quite good. You can add custom fields to clients and tags, which helps in segmentation. You can filter clients by those tags.


Managing clients are so easy with ClientJoy. Clientjoy has made managing my clients headache-free for me. I have tried many similar tools to manage proposals and invoices but I like how Clientjoy has implemented things. I can share proposals, convert them to invoices and ask my clients for payment with my own personal branding URL. Overview Dashboard is very handy too.

Vivek Ghildiyal

Best if you have a consulting firm. Payments is something we want to focus on the first and we are looking for easier solutions. This is where Clientjoy comes in and helps us with the same. I have just started using it and can totally see the value why one should use it. This is exactly what a marketing agency needs and thrives on!

Vishal Rewari

Clientjoy is the best software for managing a complete client life-cycle. I've been using Nusii but switched to Clientjoy as it’s better for more varied proposals and email customization. Also, I can track the whole sales pipeline overview. I actually think the Clientjoy is perfect for everyone that needs to send and track proposals and invoices. It is very easy to understand and handy.

Virginia Riches

Try it for your clients! Finally, manage their conversation history, proposals sent, payments made, and files in one single "view". Their details on the left and conversation history, contact info and files on the right side of your screen.

Utterfly Multimedia

Life is Beautiful... using Clientjoy! Finally I can have sigh of relief as now i can easily manage Leads, Proposals, Clients, Invoices and Payments in one single place.

Tana Backy

I previously bought SuiteDash, which is an all-in-one business tool. The issue I found with SuiteDash is that it's UI/UX is not that good. Navigation is difficult. In contrast to SuiteDash, Clientjoy has a great UI/UX. It's very easy to navigate and it's aesthetically pleasing. It won't take you long to set up. That's really important to me since I want to work with tools that feel modern-not clunky.


I was looking for a very easy and convenient way to bill my clients, and to my surprise, I did not only find what I was looking for with Clientjoy but so much more. What I found was:- A lightweight sales pipeline/funnel- A lightweight CRM- A proposal creation and tracking software- An invoicing solution. I would definitely purchase this software! Aside from the auto-billing feature for my business, it has cut my costs and time management down by at least 30%.


This has got to be the fastest trial-to-buy deal! UX and UI is spot on and simple. It's so clean and refreshingly beautiful. You want to live in it. I'm really glad Clientjoy came after the incomplete experiences I had with Agiled and SuiteDash.


Looks promising! Clientjoy is very easy to use, adding a lead, adding a client, sending an invoice, and proposal works as intended!


Stunning UX and UI. It's simple and does its job - Has a sales pipeline - Generous limits - Fast loading and a breeze to use - Banging proposals builder - you can literally build anything. You'll need to spend time getting the first design perfected and then duplicate it (and save it as a template) - Beautiful invoices

Sumo Ling

It is very easy to set up customers/leads, and to prepare invoices and proposals. It also helps a small agency to get organized in its offered services & add-ons with itemization.


Support was SUPER fast and SUPER helpful. I actually wasn't expecting that. 10/10 on support.

Sumo Ling

So much joy here! The software is so user friendly, capable of tracking my leads and proposals seamlessly and even sending invoices with the direct Stripe payment. And love how the dashboard shows me a quick snapshot of what's happening.


One stop shop for designers! Clientjoy has streamlined our processes and allowed us to issue custom invoices with item descriptions and our set terms. We now have a client portal which allows our clients to review designs, provide feedback and upload material we need from them. Everything is centralised and we no longer need to jump from one application to another when doing admin tasks.

Muhammad Ali

More like a CRM! I have been waiting for a deal like this. Simple, easy to use but with all the features I need. Looking to use this for CRM, invoicing, and a financial dashboard for all my brands!

Sumo Budha

Clientjoy is an amazing tool which is helping me manage my leads and able to track the conversions of leads with ability to create & send amazing proposal with accept/reject feature. And it's perfectly awesome for sending invoices on complete autopilot. The most interesting part is we can track the overdue and total sales value in Clientjoy dashboard. I am actually in love with Clientjoy because it's helping me save my hundreds of hours every year and forever ❤️

Siddharth Pal
Founder & CEO

I had a very positive experience with Clientjoy, their team went above and beyond to help me setup quickly. I see a bright future for them.

Seth Mig

Clientjoy keeps our opportunities, invoices, and proposals under one roof and helps us run our agency in a fraction of the time. Clientjoy does an incredible job all around. This app has single-handedly changed the way we do business; by making it easy to manage leads, move them through our sales pipeline, and focus on growth. Last but not least! You can depend on the team at Clientjoy. They answer questions promptly and go out of their way to help. They are passionate about their product and assisting agencies to succeed. I've tried dozens of invoicing and CRM solutions out there, but in the end there can only be one. Clientjoy is our agency's best kept secret.

Seb Fontan
Consultant & Owner

Best Client Portal I've tried! I have tried multiple client portal software programs, and Clientjoy is not only the most affordable, but also the most robust, extensive, and not confusing.


Clientjoy more like Admin Joy! If you are looking for a simple CRM with minimal email functionality, Clean design principles, stability, invoicing with reminders and a promising future- Look no further than Clientjoy!

Sapphire Wolf

The best CRM software for any marketing agency. It has all the features and has an amazing UI design which makes it extremely easy to use. Finally found the best CRM software. It is simple to use and has all the features for a marketing agency.

Sanket Patel

Using Clientjoy for 6 months and I am quite happy with the performance. And it’s really useful tool for agencies to manage multiple things into one portal.

Sandeepsingh Sisodiya

Clientjoy is a game changer. I run my own business and everything was too complicated before Clientjoy. With Clientjoy, things will be easier and all in just 1 tool. The Support team is very responsive and the development team is really very fast in bringing new features.

Sainey Ndong

So far I'm really impressed with Clientjoy. It seems they've really thought this through for use by those with an agency business model. I'm a professional speaker and pretty much everything about CJ well supports the kind of tasks and engagement I need to cover with my customers. Their customer portal is a great way to centralize my customer communications, and the email tracking feature is super helpful when it comes to managing digital messaging.

Rick Lewis

Clientjoy looks very promising. They haven't restricted clients which is the bottleneck with most apps. Seeing a public road map is always beneficial, so top marks there too. I like that the CNAME functionality is included for a personalized client portal. It looks so much more professional!


I initially bought Clientjoy many months ago as a replacement for WAVE accounting app. Although Clientjoy was good I had an issue with recurring invoices which was a deal breaker. Specifically problems with scheduling future recurring invoices and problem with attaching a PDF copy of the invoice.BUT I still really like the lead tracking functionFast forward to now and I have recently put on a Sales Manager. Whilst looking in to CRMs I remembered Clientjoy and decided to have a new look. I am glad I did!!The invoicing problem is fixed. The lead pipeline process is now even better with direct integration to my outlook mailbox. And it is so simple to use! I tried (and abandoned) three other CRMs because they took me days to set up and demanded weeks of training to use. So now I will use Clientjoy for both sales tracking and invoicing

Rankwell Digital Marketing

Clientjoy's clean UI and the UX has been thought about in terms of logic and navigating round the system quickly.

Ralph Bartel

We can see that Clientjoy is going to be one of the best software in a short time, because they are so open-minded to listen about customers feature request as we never saw before. As a Customer Success Expert I want to thank Clientjoy team because of the way they consider customer voice.

Quantum Intelligence

My favourite feature of ClientJoy is the scheduled/split payments. I'm a mix engineer that requires a deposit to schedule and start any work for a client. With the scheduled payments, I simply break it down into how many chunks I need and send over to the client. Staying busy with work sometimes has me forgetting who has pay their balance, so having the auto email reminders helps a lot as well.


I am using this software since around 2 weeks, this works perfectly for me as CRM! To manage clients with synchronized emails is a plus; I can find my clients email very easily. The integrated client portal is also a highlight, this makes sharing files with clients so simple. The proposal and invoice integration is another plus!


Been trying several tools for CRM and invoicing management, and I ended up going with Clientjoy as it's easy to use and has everything that I need for my agency. I believe they have cracked the agency code by creating a tool that makes day-to-day work easy for agency owners. Highly recommend if anyone is looking around.

Pratik Dholakiya

At the moment there is a very clean interface and it's easy to use. I like the workspaces too. Very impressed with the concept, hopefully, I have finally found something that will replace Pipedrive!


I am both - a freelancer and also run a startup with B2B domain and Clientjoy actually have solved the biggest issue for me - Client management in a professional way. Amazing software and super easy to use.

Nikhil Jain
Founder & CEO

It's easy for the eyes. It's lightning-fast too. Clientjoy is a clean, almost minimalist client management platform with a nice name. It's not cluttered.


I have been looking for a CRM for some time now. I've taken trials of almost everything and most things I've liked have been out of my price range, or things I haven't liked have been too complex or seemed too narrow in the industry they are trying to serve. Clientjoy was on top of my list of CRMs to check out and now I glad to see it come.


I think that for me, Clientjoy is worth the money for the proposals module alone.

Nigel Heaton

Clientjoy is simply one of the best softwares I have ever used for automating process of invoicing as well as it has helped me a lot in recovering revenue with timely notifications & scheduled reminders. Overall, I have been using it for over 3 years now & it has been one of my best investments till date on any invoicing softwares.

Naman Modi

Clientjoy is truly a Joy! Clientjoy is perfect for a small business or an agency, we've been looking for something that can manage proposals and leads and clients. It does those very well and is being updated regularly. We love the single plane of glass approach. All from one platform that makes your work look super professional and neat.

Matt Wright

Setting everything up, payment gateways, email templates and items was all so easy. I was considering doing all this and project management in WordPress but Clientjoy has saved so much time. The really clean and straightforward UI means I wont have to spend hours making sure the people I'm working with understand the system.


This is by far the nicest looking interface for a client portal SaaS that I have yet seen. Really nice! Their roadmap is very promising indeed.


Clientjoy is by far the best web app in managing invoices, proposals, clients, analytics and so much more! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking for a system like this.

Michael Gauci

My favourite client management/proposal app! So far have had a great experience using Clientjoy for proposals, invoices and overall client management. They are responsive, and roll out regular updates.

Matt Rothwell
Digital Marketing Executive

I've been searching for a CRM system for my web development business for many years, and I think I might have just found the holy grail. Clientjoy seems to do all I need, and the roadmap for future development looks great!

Matt Atherton

Clientjoy is a very useful tool and I really liked the dashboard. I have been using Nusii for proposals and then I got to know about the Clientjoy. It was really easy to set up and it took me about 20 minutes. They have a Stripe integration set up as well so I am looking to stick with Clientjoy.

Mark Barton
Principle Cloud Architect

Clientjoy is all about client management and I am using it so far since a few days ago and I can tell you I am really satisfied. It has a very solid CRM for the clients and the leads. I can set up my services which is called items in this software. I can add all the information like tax rates, currencies, etc. It is really very cool and time saver. I can start creating the proposals from the templates or start from scratch.

Laszlo Csukas
Co-founder & UX Designer

I was looking for something like that since a long time. I'm using HelloBonsai right now, but it doesn't work very good with my design agency. I tried ClientJoy and it looks way much better, easy to use and with all functionalities and integrations I needed. I can finally send invoices, get paid, manage my clients with a CRM, check finances and build templates. I can also manage my pipeline for leads and prospects.

Lux Longo

Easy to use CRM with all the features you could need for running a business. Great support team too.

Jay Kavanagh

Highly Impressed!!! I just want to say I am incredibly impressed with Clientjoy. I was able to jump right in and figure things out - Create recurring invoicing, Update email templates, create a whitelabel cname and more!


Clientjoy is clean, almost minimalist client management platform with a nice name, Marie Kondo will probably like it. Its not cluttered and easy for the eyes.

Kim Tyrone

I am really happy that I found out about Clientjoy. It has helped me save at least 5 hours a week due to the fact that I can automate the making and sending of recurring invoice and payments. But, that's not all. I am now able to manage my agency more efficiently by being able to follow up my leads and improve the overall sales process. I would absolutely recommend to a professional looking for a way to get better workflow.

Julie Kozlowski
CEO & Digital Marketer

Great CRM with Proposal and E-Signature feature. Fast and Helpful Support (Near Instant). The founder is very approachable and active in the FB community.


Clientjoy is awesome to use for a full-featured CRM, Proposal & Invoicing software for our marketing agency. I also love that it's always growing with new features that streamline our workflow!

Kyler Olson

AMAZING! Wow, just wow! This is exactly what I had been looking for. I've had this for a couple years now, I was back and forth between this and other CRM programs and kept coming back to Clientjoy. Thank you for giving me an easy way to connect with my clients; giving them an easy way to connect with my business. And all the things in between!

Katy K.

Clientjoy is a good platform for lead management, I really like the interface and the way you can manage the leads and clients, the information it's very clear and nice to view.

Jose Luis Briseno

I have been happy with Clientjoy. It is simple, customer support does listen when you find a bug and listen to your needs.

Joanna Jana Laznicka

Clientjoy is Amazing! I have been using Clientjoy for a few months now. I use it mostly for invoicing and it is so easy to keep track of all my invoices. It is perfect for freelancers and agencies. I absolutely love their customer service too. They are always happy to jump on a Zoom call to help troubleshoot any issues. They often check in to see how things are going. I just love them!

Jilanne Holder

Despite a few short hick-ups this is a fantastic tool that helps me save a lot of time. As a small business owner that is exactly the thing that you're trying to save. Great support and a tool that keeps evolving into better versions of itself all the time. Love it!

Jasper Bruienne

I love the simple UI! Everything is easy to find. I see this app going places as the roadmap is clear and concise plus it's perfect for my small business needs. I would definitely recommend to other business owners.


I was looking for a CRM to help manage my prospects. Clientjoy provides that feature and more. I soon discovered I could also send invoices and manage my proposals. Clienjoy is really a tool that manages all your client needs in one place. It's a great client management tool.

Independent Freelancer

Very complete CRM workflow. It has everything I need. From sales pipelines, contacts, email inbox, mobile apps, client portal, Pabbly Connect integration, calendar bookings and more. Couldn't recommend anything else.

Henry Hoe Yong Zhi

Clientjoy requires a very low learning curve. So, anyone can use this application easily. I mostly like the nice in-app proposal section and the workflow among invoicing to the customers, product or items management. I must recommend Clientjoy to the agencies or marketers who want a very simple but functional CRM for their sales management. It is very fantastic for the small and medium businesses that have comparatively fewer workforces.

HM Shuja
Producer, Director & Digital Marketer

Clientjoy truly brings joy to the user! Onboarding is very easy and everything is highly intuitive. A branded portal for clients is just amazing. You can add custom fields which is a huge plus. Support is fantastic and helps you every step of the way.

Hemant Somasekharan

Clientjoy is truly a joy to work with. The product is fantastic and the team is very supportive. If in doubt, book a demo with their team and I assure you that you will leave impressed.

Hem JoKal

Adding clients, sending invoices and setting up recurring payments is a breeze and not once did I have to ask a question or look at the FAQ. I struggled to get things done in Plutio, as my clients like to pay in small random chunks. This can be done with Clientjoy so for me is a no brainer. The UI is smooth and a joy to look at.

Hayden Thomas

A great tool for all types of Agencies and Services based Startup. Since long back we've been looking for an all-inclusive feature pack tool and Clientjoy fulfills most of our requirements. A robust and super enthusiastic team. They have almost all the essential features.

Hemant Singh

Clientjoy - Best End-to-End tool for a Digital Agency. Our team explored multiple options and finalized on Freshdesk, but then the subscription charges were still high for us. At this time, we came to know about Clientjoy. Asked my team to use the 14 day trial and explore the tool. My team absolutely loved it.ClientJoy is designed for a Digital Agency. Tracking Leads, sending proposals, Digitally accepting the proposal, Client portal and finally invoicing using payment gateway. Highly recommend this tool to all Digital Agencies.

Girish Joshi

I am finally able to track everything that is client related. I especially struggled to keep up with following up with emails. This issue is now resolved as every Client or Lead has their own email section. I am in awe with the clean and easy to use interface. Keeping all client info in one spot is a game changer. Creating Invoices and Proposals are a cherry on the top. The team is working hard to make those 2 as customizable as possible.

G. Diamond

I'm a freelancer and previously had several different apps to do all that Clientjoy can do in 1! Their customer service is fantastic! I had 1 query when registering my account and they replied within a minute!

Flow Motion Digital

We absolutely love what Clientjoy is doing. The UI is very class, their support is top notch, and they continue to push useful updates. We are still waiting on a few new features to be able to use Clientjoy as our primary CRM - but from what we've seen to our previous feedback, we expect these to be in place soon.

Dwayne Rich

Awesome little app that adds so much value to my business! Clientjoy has made my life and business so much easier. From proposals to digital signature to lead management, it made the process less cumbersome and costly since I used quite a few apps separately to do such. Also their workspaces feature is phenomenal. Previously, with other solutions they don't give you the option of having separate brands but with Clientjoy, it’s possible streamlining my workflow since I have 2 businesses and it was a challenge doing such admin tasks manually.Their app is quite good enabling me to be notified when one signs / accepts my proposal, makes a payment or even the status of a lead / customer. It's honestly quite an enjoyable experience using their platform and also communicating with the team. Their support has even jumped on the Google Meet with me outside of their normal hours to ensure I actually got my problem resolved.Lastly for what they're offering it's very reasonably priced...and one gets an excellent deal that they can grow with

Craige Hardel

We used a lot of different tools to manage our clients. Clientjoy has successfully centralised all of our client interactions which gives us unique insights and a significant increase in Productivity.

Drishti Patel
Key Account Manager

A great time saver! If you are looking for a simple way to keep track of clients, make proposals, send them invoices then this is a no-brainer of a deal!

Donald Fargo

Clientjoy offers many features for freelancers. If you are looking for a tool where you can manage tasks, finance, deals, projects etc. then Clientjoy will be a good choice. I use Clientjoy for my personal daily tasks and I'm so happy to have it.

David Koscis

Love the features in this price point. Some of the things I specifically like is white-labelling - it blew my mind. I think this is something BIG in the making.


Most awaited solution. I have tried multiple similar tools before but most of them don't have all the features together but Clientjoy delivers the best service for our business. Now our sales team easily manages Leads status and generate invoices for our clients.


Clientjoy changed the we work here at Devitus Digital. Their proposals platform is amazing and the payments feature they have is a lifesaver! We were looking for a tool that can handle our Clients/proposals/payment and we found Clientjoy! A no-brainer SaaS! Thanks Clientjoy Team keep up the amazing work !!!!

Christophoros Toumbas
Managing Director

Clientjoy is easily a no brainer. As a small business, we've been looking for something that can manage proposals and leads without the many complicated tools and terms on other applications. It does very specific things and it does them very well and is developing all the time. You add your leads, craft a proposal using their easy to use UI, send the proposal and assign it to a project, send invoices, reminders sent automatically, get paid and start delivering the project. All from one platform that makes your work look super professional and neat.

Blake Burden

Whilst Clientjoy is a perfectly functional CRM (with an amazing team behind it!), it is also so much more than just that. It has proposals that can easily be sent out to prospects which can then easily and seamlessly be converted clients. The invoicing is brilliant. You can set up one-off or subscriptions. You can customise reminder emails and when/how often they're sent. You're also notified when invoices & proposals are viewed. Another great feature is the client portal where you & the client can upload files and links. (This can also be white labeled!) It's so handy to have everything all under one roof.


Clean. I bought Agiled, and others but this was the first one that I don't wish to refund. It's clean and modern. I think for any CRM to earn my trust is to provide Invoicing and proposals as a native feature. This is the first time where NOT ONLY they came with a nice design, but they know what customers want.


I feel like a kid in the candy store, Clientjoy is hands down! A must for anybody looking to streamline how they handle clients.


Exactly what I need! I have been looking for an easier way to keep track of potential clients, invoicing and Clientjoy has that nailed and more! I am excited to dig and see all there is to offer!

Boogy Man

It’s very easy to set up and easy to import existing clients as well as very straightforward to use. We found out that going from lead to offer, offer and quotation to order, from order to invoice and after invoice, tracking the payments - everything is really easy. We integrated our Stripe account into the system. Also, we found that is quite easy to keep a good overview of your leads, clients, payments, etc.

Antal Spaapen

Almost everything a small digital marketing agency needs to grow! Overall, the interface is simple to use and intuitive. I like the clean look and feel and the ability to have workspaces to segregate teams and sub-companies or brands within the main organization. I also like the role-based access that it provides to different members of the team.

Barry Rodrigues
Founder, Head of Growth

This has saved me hours of time! I was up and running within 20 minutes, first proposal sent within one hour and 20 leads added in 20 min- It's really clean and easy to use. The proposal template is SO much better than Microsoft word/Canva and i think I've improved the quality of my proposal.

Barum Jeffries

Clientjoy is a complete client life-cycle management software that allows me to manage leads, customers, invoices, proposals and payments under a single roof. The interface is very beautiful and simple to understand. I can create beautiful proposals and that is the best thing about it. I can send proposals right from the dashboard of Clientjoy and manage my clients very well.

Armaan Sharma

Everything 'makes sense' on this platform. I'm finding Clientjoy very easy to use. Finding the right CRM can be difficult as many softwares in this space are very complicated and confusing. Clientjoy has all you need and keeps it easy to view and manage. Clientjoy offers more than most CRM's with a full Client Life-cycle approach.

Angie Neal
Web Designer

ClientJoy came along with a CRM, pipeline and Stripe billing package in one. I bought it, and within a few hours, my assistant had already set up our account and pipeline, and just sent a bill to client #3. The icing on the cake for me is having the Client portal. I did not like sending the final "sensitive" PDF package to my clients via email and I now won't have to. Offering a client portal is just simply, AWESOME!


I have been with Clientjoy for over a year now and have enjoyed watching this platform grow and develop each month. A fantastic CRM which has a lot of offer and a great team behind it. I have especially enjoyed the Proposals function, allowing me to provide clients with professional looking on brand proposals, thus increasing conversions of clients. Additionally, with their introduction of the recurring invoicing, I can now stop using multiple tools. Condensing what was around 6 tools into one automated system, I now have more time to spend on the creative aspect of my work.

Alex Player

Clientjoy- A joyful way to manage clients. This seems the exact client management platform that I was looking for. Very clean, simple, and modern interface, easy to understand.

Adwebs Media

Awesome experience with Clientjoy till now. It makes my client management easy, sending proposal, invoice and most important having a client dashboard helps a lot.

Ambesh Tiwari

With Clientjoy, I have most of the needs met in same place. Invoice, Proposal, Client management, Follow ups, pipeline, Tracking and a lot!

Agency Owner