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Proven 8 Step Sales Process To Close More Deals

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Yash Shah

Are you having a tough time when it comes to getting clients on board with your products/services?

If you are putting in your best efforts, it becomes essential that you bear results out of that. Otherwise, all your efforts get directed to a dead end. We do not want you to get stuck in that endless loop. Getting things right is easier than you think. Here is a proven 8 step sales process that will enable you to close more deals.

Wondering why you need a sales process?

sales process

If conversations with your clients often look like this, you might end up in trouble.

Let’s work our way out of it, one thing at a time:

1. A Good Greeting= A Good Start:

How would you prefer starting your day? With a “Good Morning, hope you have a good day” greeting from your colleague or with a scolding remark from your boss?

With a pleasing good morning greeting from your toddler or an argument with your wife? Need we say more? Your clients are important. Sure, you have a professional relationship with them but there’s no harm with a good human touch.

Always make sure that you engage well! Make sure to leave a good first impression on your client.

2. Frame A Good Conversation To Start With:

It is always better when a conversation interests both parties. Don’t get stuck with small talk. Research and diagnose before you present anything. Ask such meaningful questions:

  • Tell me about your business?
  • What problems are you facing?
  • Do you have a target in mind?

3. Repeat And Follow up:

After the initial conversation, repeat your pitch points and go through them again. Revise what you understood and check with your clients if they think you’re missing out on something.

Let them know that you heard them right. Make them feel that the conversations they have with you truly matter.

4. Present Effective Solutions:

After the conversation with your clients, it is time to make an impactful move for your sales process.
You’ve heard them. You know what they want. Now, don’t present and sell what is best according to you. Instead, present, show and sell what your clients need.

Bring up and present solutions to all the key points they talked about. Show your clients that you have the ultimate solution for them.

5. Listen To Their Objections:

After presenting your solutions to the clients, let them take some time to figure out what you said.

If they are facing some issues, try to talk to them about it. Understand their objections to getting started with the work. This will be helpful for you too. It will be easier for you to understand the gap between your offerings and their expectations.

6. Show Them That Working With You Is Worth It:

After your clients present their objections, there’s still more to the sales process. If you think that your product/service is still the right fit for them, remind them of the solution. Talk to them about how it will add value. Let them see the worth of their problem being resolved.

7. Make An Offer They can’t Refuse:

Don’t leave an open end after your conversation. Prepare an offer along with your pricing and direct them with a call to action. Show them why your offer provides value for money.
This will help them in believing you firmly.

8. Start Working With Them:

It is now time to conclude the sales process. Always show your enthusiasm and never let it seem like you are letting the ends loose. Be direct and ask your client when you can start working with them. Set a schedule and confirm the dates for your next call. Send a mail to them stating the points to be discussed in your next meeting.

Summing up, these are the steps we learned for an effective sales process:

8 steps of sales process

Are you ready to close more deals?

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