Ultimate Influencer Marketing Kit

For a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign, you need to find the right influencers for your clients that will have the same target audience👩🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏽 and have a great engagement ratio! However, it is not the easiest task to do so. Here we are with a list of 1000+ Instagram Influencers, across 15+ Categories like fashion, travel🧳, food, etc. with Detailed Analytics of each Influencer.

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About Influencer Marketing Kit

Have you ever been influenced to buy something when you saw your favorite actor or actress using them? Of course you have! We all have been influenced at least once. That is why we researched a little more on this and discovered that Influencer Marketing is one of the top strategies used by marketers.

However, finding quality influencers for your brand can be a bit difficult, especially with SO many influencers available. That is why we have created this Influencer Marketing Toolkit📦

In this, you’ll find:

👉 1000+ list of influencers across 10 categories like Lifestyle 👚, Entertainment 📺, Technology📱 etc.

👉 An Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing eBook.

👉 Blog on the Best strategies for Influencer Marketing and list of tools to use.

Basically, everything you will need for your Influencer Marketing Campaign.

What all will you get?

1000+ Influencers List

In this list, you can filter out the influencers based on your brand niche and get detailed analytics on each influencer. 📉Analytics such as Average user activity, Engagement ratio, and much more..

Influencer Marketing tools and Strategies for 2021

To get you started with influencer marketing, there are two fantastic blogs that will undoubtedly help you to up🔝 your marketing game.

Ultimate guide to Influencer Marketing

This eBook📗 will help you to learn more about influencer marketing, including the various types of social media influencers and how this marketing method benefits brands.

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