The Complete Business & HR Kit

One of the things that take up the most amount of time while building a business is creating HR and business documents.📄 Even small mistakes bring along really big costs over a period of time. So, we put together a bundle📚 of document templates that could be a great starting point for folks who are starting out. We have curated documents & templates that will help your Admin & HR with mundane tasks.

250+ Proposals Template

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About Business & HR Kit

Whether or not your business has an Admin or HR, you will need to prepare documents for new business, partnerships, new employee, and 100 of other things. And while these documents are important, they take up a lot of your admin's time.

That is why, we at Clientjoy, have curated this Business & HR Kit that includes templates for various documents you will ever need to run your business. The Kit includes -

👉 Business-related documents including agreements, pitch decks, forms, etc.
👉 Marketing-related templates including sales, media kits, notices, etc.
👉 HR Bundle including forms, JDs, policies, hiring modules, etc.
👉 Infographics and Presentations

Why use the Business & HR Templates?

In any business, time is extremely valuable. And the time it takes to create these business documents can be better spent on other imperative tasks like following up with a prospect. These document templates can help you automate your document process so that your team spends less time with mundane work and can focus their efforts on pursuing other important tasks.

Run your agency business efficiently with this Business & HR Kit. Simply enter your details and you'll immediately receive an email with the access link. You can download the documents by clicking on the link and use it as a template or as it is for your business.

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Get this Resource for Free
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