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Top 5 CRM Softwares

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In our previous article, we discussed about the meaning, need, benefits and implementation of Customer Relationship Management. Are you still trying to find a suitable CRM system for your company? If so, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of Top 5 CRM software.

The article discusses in detail about the distinct features of each of the CRM softwares.

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HubSpot CRM offers a unique freemium approach, which means that it offers the core CRM features for free with optional add on features, making it an accessible and enticing option for small and midsized businesses.

The software also includes:

  • Automated logging and updating of customer deals and sales activities.
  • Storage of up to 1 million contact and company records using their email addresses, inbox, or form submissions, with details including revenue, industry, personal information, and more from their 20 million-contact database.
  • The ability to make and record sales calls, send emails, schedule tasks, and assign tasks to sales reps inside of the HubSpot CRM.
  • Automatic publication of emails, recorded calls, and sales notes to a contact’s unique timeline, to simplify the task of reviving cold leads in the future.
  • Email tracking with options for both automated and more customised email campaign.
  • A sales dashboard and customisable sales pipeline.

2. Fresh sales:

fresh sales

If you’re looking for a simple, lightweight CRM software, then Fresh sales is a solid choice. Businesses new to CRM won’t face a steep learning curve, and the sales team will appreciate the time saved and tedium avoided. Small firms that need a simple solution can take advantage of the free plan. With a highly intuitive UI and a powerful feature set including built-in phone and email, AI-based lead scoring, visual deal pipeline, intelligent workflow automations, and customisable visual reports and dashboards, it gives businesses everything they need to manage their sales without having to juggle multiple tools.

Fresh Sales allows you to:

  • Customize/personalize your account according to your business terminology across module
  • Create unlimited custom sales activities and define outcomes for each.
  • Custom roles with different properties for each user and regulate their access levels and permissions in Fresh sales.
  • Leverage real-time insights to power your conversations
  • When a lead is added to the sales CRM, their social profile information and photo are automatically updated in their profile.
  • Segment leads and personalize your conversations with them based on the actions they take on your website and in your product.

3. Zoho:


Zoho CRM is an Omni channel cloud-based management platform that helps you take control of your business processes to build lasting customer relationships.

  • Enables users to connect with customers and prospects in real-time, across all channels.
  • Initiate a live chat with website viewers to get more information
  • Blueprint is a process automation tool that enables users to build and automate sales processes, while also ensuring compliance from the sales team at every step.
  • Allows them to streamline notifications across multiple channels and respond to customers in real-time.

4. Bitrix24:


Bitrix24 is another free CRM platform suitable for small businesses. It is ideal for handling many aspects of daily tasks and operations.

  • It is absolutely free for up to 12 users.
  • You will be getting leads, contacts, deals, quotes, invoice, email marketing, and templates, to be available to be used unlimited.
  • It also offer us with the choice to choose between the cloud and on premise deployments.
  • The most powerful workflow automation module.
  • Activity stream, group chat, calendars, workgroups and other collaboration tools.

5. Pipedrive:


It is your CRM software that enables businesses to plan and monitor their sales activities. It comes with built-in selling methodologies. The software is useful for the journey from lead generation to conversion.

Other features of Pipedrive include:

  • Leads and deals management.
  • Calls, emails and call history tracking features.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks and processes.
  • Insights and reports with customised metrics for your business.
  • Integrations with various other tools.
  • Mobile compatibility of the software.

Make use of these incredible CRM softwares and implement Customer Relationship Management seamlessly for your business.

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