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6 Proposal Generator Tools to Help Your Agency Grow

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Yash Shah

Agencies spend hours together drafting business proposals to send to prospective clients. Creating and drafting proposals takes a lot of time, as it involves image curation, emails to different departments, scope outlining, creating timelines, defining recommendations, inputting estimates, and much more.

Each proposal is different depending on the client and their precise requirements. What if the whole process is simplified and made quicker using specialized tools? These tools are software designed to address specific proposal needs. Using these tools helps agencies reduce their non-billable time spent on creating a proposal.

Let’s take a look at these 6 proposal tools that can enhance work efficiency to a significant extent!



It is one of the best proposal tools that prove to be handy for digital marketing agencies. It is a SaaS-Model platform that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times with agencies who are looking forward to streamlining the entire process of proposal writing.

This tool helps users in multiple ways, such as reusable templates for quick drafting of new proposals without compromising quality. These templates can be custom-designed. It is very easy to add images, text, and videos using the platform's editor tool. Even those who are not tech-savvy can use the platform and its complicated design tools.



It is another effective and highly functional proposal tool that has proven to be handy for agencies. This tool takes the simpler e-signature approach to different client-facing documents. It comes with a lot of ready-to-use templates along with a drag and drops document interface.

PandaDoc has more features, namely, pricing tables and catalogues. The users can use it to automate quote creation with dynamic pricing tables. This feature helps the clients select the right pricing and option which is most suitable for them.

Better Proposals

better proposals.png

The features of this proposal tool allow the users to quickly create aesthetically pleasing proposals along with the integration of different payment systems and CRMs. Better Proposal also has a feature that is focused on creating faster, clean proposals.

This proposal designer tool can brand the template as per the precise brand image. Appropriate font, colour, logos, imagery, etc., can be chosen that looks striking on all devices. This tool is quite cost-effective and is a perfect choice for individuals and freelancers. A small agency can choose this tool and send a minimum of ten proposals every month.



Clientjoy is a quick and easy client management tool designed for modern freelancers and digital agencies.

It helps you manage your leads, create stunning proposals, prepare invoices and revenues, all under one roof. With Clientjoy, you can create high impact and beautiful proposals in minutes with pre-defined templates to close sales faster!

You can not only visualize clearly as to which proposals are currently at what stage but also get notified and reminded of the next action items of every proposal so you don’t miss the opportunity.

Clientjoy lets you closely monitor projects' progress, identify the bottlenecks, and actively remove them for that ultimate growth hack.



Qwilr proposal tool is very easy to use and customise. The tool is visually appealing and comes with an interactive pricing feature. It also has a catalogue feature similar to PandaDoc.

The interactive pricing option gives the agencies a chance to present the potential client with an interactive service selection. The agency can set up the quote in three categories - single select, multiple select, and a combined package option.

Further, this tool has a three-tiered pricing model – Enterprise, Business, and Pro.



Bidsketch is another popular proposal tool with multiple features making it a perfect choice for agencies looking for help in proposal creation. Some of the features that make it a preferred choice among the agencies are numerous templates, simple proposal builder, integrations, analytics, and upselling features.

It also allows the users to create "Client Landing Pages” quickly. The prospective clients can use this feature to create a landing page where they can quickly approve, view, comment, and export the proposal.

The tool allows the users to move ahead with the next steps as soon as approval messages are received. It is perfect for PPC clients, as they can give prompt direction on how to access the accounts needed by the agencies. This tool is available at affordable monthly and annual price models.


These proposal tools are a boon for many agencies & freelancers. Check them out and use a tool that best serves the purpose of proposal creation. These tools will help the agencies to take their business to a higher notch.

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