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Top Tools To Create Stunning Visual Content For Your Agency

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Yash Shah

When you go out on a drive, flip the pages of a magazine or scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, do you notice the brands trying to speak to you?

Businesses today try to acquire the attention of their audience and resonate with them.

With the overload of information and a wide content pool, it is crucial for brands to stand apart.

It has become important for them to put across something that is worth remembering.

Design often plays an important role in creating an impression for your brand. The way customers see your message has a lot to do with how they end up thinking about you.

Do you want to create exceptional visual content?

You are exactly where you need to be.

Here is a list of easy to use tools that will help you create stunning visual content for your agency

Get a glimpse of the tools and start experimenting with them on your own:

1. Promo

promo is an online video creation tool for businesses and agencies. With, you can create outstanding video ads, social media videos, product videos, explainer videos, and a lot more. What’s best is that they have over 4000 top-performing video templates that you can simply edit to make amazing videos in just a few minutes! You can create all the videos you need to succeed online in a single place! empowers you to convey your message in a beautifully visual way and deliver it in an optimized format.

2. MotionBox


Motionbox is a video design platform that features an arsenal of tools that cuts down the effort of creating any visual content. It features a huge library of templates that can be used as-is or may serve as the foundation of your design. It also has a collection of fonts and multimedia files that include audio, images, and videos, most of which you may freely use for your project.

Motionbox is quite easy to use, thanks to its drag-and-drop interface that brings creativity out of its users. With features such as music visualization, GIF editor, auto-translate video, video trimmer, and video calendar, it offers an unlimited possibility when it comes to design.

3. Canva:


The graphic design platform goes by the tagline ‘design anything’ and stands true to it. Canva allows you to easily create social media graphics, brochures, presentations, posters and more.

The existing templates and elements are your go to resort for creating stunning visual content.
Canva offers a free version which is suitable for beginners.
The paid versions of Canva include Canva Pro at a price of $9.95/user/month and Canva enterprise for larger teams at a price of $30/user/month.

4. Unsplash:


Do you need nicely curated pictures for your web or social media designs? You can rely on Unsplash to find beautiful stock images. Browse and select the best photos from a wide range of genres.
Unsplash is available for free usage.

5. Freepik:


This website is the treasure pool for all the graphical resources you would need. Select from a variety of stock photos, vectors, PSDs, icons, and more. You can easily create eye-catching campaign themes and conceptualize your overall design agendas by using the resources available on Freepik.
There is a free version of Freepik available for users. However, if you wish to access more resources, you can avail Freepik premium at a price of 5.00EUR/month.

6. Giphy:


We all know that a picture says a thousand words. Have you ever liked a scene from your favourite series/movies so much that you highly resonated with it?

Giphy is your resort to find such animated GIFs which you can incorporate for your brand’s visual communication.
You can access GIFs for free and add those to your designs for stunning visual content.

7. Animoto:


Videos are another way of visually representing your message. Animoto is a video creation service wherein you can easily create stunning videos. Use your pictures to create slideshow videos. You can also use this tool to create video-based presentations.
Apart from the free version, you can purchase the upgraded version of Animoto at $8/month for a personal plan, $22/month for a professional plan, and $34/month for a business plan.

8. Grammarly:


When you decide on putting across a powerful message, it is important that you say it correctly.

You can use Grammarly to proofread all the written content.

With the right message communicated in the right way, you are definitely heading in the right direction!
Grammarly premium is available at a price of $11.66/month.

9. Shutterstock:


Shutterstock is your go-to resort for finding millions of royalty-free images, photos, videos and music.
You can avail subscriptions at different rates depending upon the number of images you can access. The annual subscription rate for Shutterstock is $199.

10. Picsart:


Picsart photo studio is an app that you can use for image editing, collage drawing, and also as a social network to share the stunning visual content that you create.  It offers a premium subscription to Picsart Gold at a price of $47.88/year.

11. Pixelmator:


It is a graphic editing software developed for macOS. Pixelmator offers professional image editing tools which are easy to use.
You can start creating with the free version of Pixelmator and also subscribe to Pixelmator Pro at a price of $39.99.


Veed is a simple online video editing platform, perfect for creating social media video content. Allows you to record, edit, and produce quality, professional videos to promote your brand or business, in a matter of minutes.

You can record through your webcam & screen, edit your Zoom recordings, add soundwaves to your podcast videos, add company logos/watermarks, and – perhaps most importantly – add subtitles to any video instantly, without the need for manual annotation.

Make use of all of the above mentioned tools and create captivating visual content with powerful messages for your brand.

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