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Steps For Scaling Your Digital Marketing Agency To The Next Level

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Yash Shah

The demand for digital marketers and digital marketing agencies keeps on rising with the increasing number of internet users. Especially now, the pandemic has led to a change in the overall marketing landscape. More and more companies are now diverting to online modes of demand generation and service delivery. Do you wish to expand your horizons by scaling your digital marketing agency?

With increased risks in the physical marketplace, there is a growing inclination towards diversifying to digital..

At such a time, you would want to look for ways to scale up your digital marketing agency and expand your reach and horizons.

Set a determined focus and work on the following steps to make an impact in the digital marketing industry:

1. Hire and Train The Right People:

sales strategy for digital marketing agency

Find more people to fill up entry-level positions in your digital marketing agency. When you plan to expand and scale, you would certainly be needing more people in the workforce.

Let the existing employees work for your retained clients. Find more people who are keen to learn new things and have an adaptable mindset.

2. Expand Your Client Base:

When your digital marketing agency has been present in the market for a significant time, people around know you. Scaling the business gets easier if you have had a good client base. In order to expand:

  • Check with your past clients and try to upsell additional services to them.
  • Interact with like-minded people you meet at networking events and see if they are in need of your services.
  • Build and maintain relationships with industry peers, they might refer you to prospective clients they cannot attend to.
  • Ask your best clients for referrals.
  • Look up the opportunities on online marketplaces.

3. Develop Marketing Strategies (Inbound and Outbound):

marketing strategies

It is important to develop and invest in marketing your agency too. Have a balanced mix of Inbound and Outbound marketing methods keeping cost of client acquisition in mind.

Inbound marketing refers to attracting customers to your services via content marketing, branding, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Here, you follow the timeline of attracting, engaging and delighting your customers.

Outbound marketing strategies include promotion of your services through advertising, promotion and sales. It is a marketer driven ‘push’ approach.

Here are some of the best ways to focus on these strategies:

  • Content and SEO
  • Pay per click Ads
  • Social Media
  • Case Studies
  • Cold Emailing

4. Bring On Topic Experts :


After some years of experience in the industry, it is likely that you might have found key areas you are good at. Similarly, you might also have encountered areas of expertise wherein you lack knowledge. Reach out and collaborate with people who know about those specific domains.

By bringing topic experts, you can also expand the scope of services offered by your digital marketing agency.
Look out for ways to associate with industry experts that have diverse knowledge in relevant fields. This way, you can build up more thought leadership for your digital marketing agency ensuring that it helps you to diversify your offerings, appealing to a wider target market.

5.Simplify Client On-boarding:

client onboarding

For a successful agency, it is necessary to quickly and effectively on board new clients. To increase client retention and referrals, the client onboarding process needs to be simple and streamlined.

Here are the steps through which you can establish a seamless process:

  • Make a good first impression with a friendly meeting.
  • Avoid complexities, explain your services in a simple manner and make your clients feel comfortable.
  • Send a satisfaction survey to improve interactions and provide a better experience.

6.Assess Your Analytics:


When you take steps to move forward, it is also essential to analyse how far you have come. Taking a look at your analytics will help you understand what works for your agency and what doesn’t.
You can then work on areas where you are lacking and double down on what is working for you to scale faster..

7. Upsell And Outsource:

upsell and outsource

Outsourcing plays a big role in scaling up a business. When you are scaling your digital marketing agency, there are various increased tasks for you and your team. In such a situation, outsourcing can add incredible value. Outsourcing several tasks can also help you work more efficiently and save time and money.

Upselling to your existing clients is a great way to ensure the growth of your agency. Try to show how your services add value for your clients. Study your client and look for additional services they might be needing. You can also try out selling complementary services to your clients.

Growing your digital marketing agency can prove to be quite fruitful when you do so with the right people, right services and the right clients. Follow the guidelines listed above and develop an action plan for scaling your digital marketing agency.

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