How To Build A Dream Agency Team

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Mansi Shah
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It is the teamwork that makes the dream work, right?

You are teeming with business ideas that you simply cannot wait to implement and witness your agency soar to new heights. But hiring an effective and efficient team focused on tangible results is a daunting task, and budgets are tight. So, what can you do to hire the right employees and build your dream team?

You can build your dream team by hiring the right kind of people dedicated to your business’s growth as you are. Here’s how to build a dream team for your agency:

    Look For Curious People

    The people responsible for content sourcing, creating, curating, and managing should have an innate inquisitive quality to them. Look for content creators and curators that are always curious about everything around them and are genuinely driven by a passion for filling the gaps in the kind of content that is available and the kind of content that is really needed.

    Make sure that the head of content creation is someone who not only keeps up with the latest trends but also has a deep understanding of your target audience’s needs and preferences.  It should be someone who’s not only creative with out-of-the-box thinking but is also tech and social media savvy.

    Hire Opportunity Grabbers

    Hire people that are naturally good at identifying new opportunities and seizing them at the right moment. This requires a lot of pre-planning, so hiring people with a vision for the future and a sound understanding of your operating field is a good place to start.

    Find Experienced People

    Certain aspects of your business must be handled by people who possess at least some prior hands-on experience. Say, for example, if you are looking to hire a business development manager, it is advisable to look for people with hands-on experience in driving business growth, rather than employing freshers who will learn on the job. You can also build your dream customer service team in a similar manner.

    Sometimes, Skills > Experience

    As crucial as it is to hire people with relevant experience, sometimes it is better to look for relevant skill sets in your prospective employee rather than experience. A good strategy would be to hire a mix of experts with specialized training and hands-on experience and freshers and interns with little to no experience but a ton of passion, quick learning capabilities, and optimism when building a great team.

    Don’t Rush Your Decision

    Another thing you must keep in mind while interviewing prospective employees for your agency is not to jump the gun and hire the first person that fits the bill. Be patient with your interviewing process, and don’t rush your decisions.

    Interview as many people as you must and zero down on people with an educational background in this field who can drive digital sales and are capable of quickly adapting to and communicating highly technical information into value-based selling efficiently.

    Communication Skills Are A Must

    People with good communication skills on your team can play a major role in making your clients come back. Great communication skills coupled with a problem-solving attitude and tactful politeness will give your employees an edge while interacting with your customers or handling difficult situations.

    Build A Happy & Productive Team

    As crucial as it is to find the right people for building your agency's dream team, it is only half the battle won. The other half is keeping your employees happy and professionally satisfied for effective talent retention.

    A few things that can help you optimize employee experience are:

    • Designing and organising a thorough onboarding induction program for every new employee that you hire
    • Giving each employee a clear idea about your organisation, its vision and mission
    • Encouraging them to ask questions to develop a good understanding of the role that they have been hired for
    • To minimise your workforce turnover, make sure they are aware of your expectations from them from the get-go

    A friendly work culture that values the employees and what they bring to the table, where the employees can freely discuss with you the bottlenecks they face while performing their tasks, is another way to ensure a happy and productive workforce.

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