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6 Tips Every Employer Should Consider To Attract And Retain Top Tech Talent

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Artur Meyster

Because of increased demand, attracting tech employees has become a challenge. Due to Covid-19, leading organisations are making very interesting offers that may catch any candidate’s attention. They are providing outstanding six-figure salaries and great benefits for their employees.

However, to attract and retain top tech talent, that’s not enough. There are many factors you should consider to become an attractive employer, from the work environment to the way you approach potential hirings.

Becoming an attractive employer and recruiting top talent is crucial to remain competitive in today’s market. A company is as strong as its human capital, and employers must strive to lure and retain the best of the best if they wish to be a leader in their sector. Securing the right talent is more likely to drive your start-up’s success than venture capital, Adi Gaskell, writing for Forbes, argues in this article.

attracting and retaining tech talent

If you’re struggling to stay relevant because you lack skilled tech workers, it’s time to try new things. These six tips will help you improve your employee attraction and retention strategies. You’ll attract the best tech talent and be ready for present and future challenges.

Build a Learning Culture

The tech market is constantly evolving, and, in tech, learning new things is essential. To improve your employee retention strategies, you should build a learning culture. Make your company a good place for learning. When workers can learn new skills, they feel passion for what they do.

Moreover, keeping up with the industry’s breakneck pace of development requires a commitment to continued learning. As an employer, you must facilitate this learning as much as possible.

As they will have future rewards, your employees will work harder and provide better results. Also, by building a learning culture, you’ll attract the attention of potential hirings. Your employees will feel comfortable at work and tell others how good it is to work for your company.

Not having learning opportunities is one of many reasons for leaving a job. So, if you don’t aim to increase employee satisfaction, you won’t remain competitive. A company is like a team, and if team members are not motivated, they won’t reach their goals.

Let Employees Grow

Be dynamic and implement new strategies. To keep your workers engaged, you have to let them grow. Offer promotions that make your employees work harder and stay motivated. You can also focus on their professional development. For tech talent, developing and updating skills is vital.

You can give them access to on-site courses or let them take coding courses. Online coding programs are great for developing skills during isolation. Many coding schools also allow students to learn several in-demand programming languages that can help your company reshape the market.

Go the Extra Mile

When it comes to hiring the most skilled employees, you need to make an effort. Think about the benefits you’ll have, and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile. Tech professionals know they are valuable and are not easily swayed. Invite aspirants for dinner at your home. It’ll help you to build trust.

Schedule interviews outside working hours and let them feel comfortable. It will allow them to show off, and you’ll know if they are right for the job. Try to change how you approach new hirings; don’t be too traditional. Use social networks like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to find the right prospects and set up meetings. Don’t forget to be professional; that’s what will get the job done.

Provide Flexible Schedules

If you’re looking to hire the best candidates, you must provide flexible schedules. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more companies are providing their employees with schedule flexibility. Remote workers are becoming the new standard, and they are helping companies increase their productivity.

When employees can enjoy flexible schedules, they have a better work-life balance. As they feel comfortable and happy with their jobs, you’ll increase your employee retention rate. Remote work is helping companies to take a step into the future, and there’s no way back.

Not only that, but workers with flexible schedules are more productive. In another Forbes article, Gaskell mentions a Stanford University study that found out that flexible workers achieved more, took sick leave less often, worked longer hours, and were generally happier at work.

Let Employees Be Part of the Big Picture

using technology to retain the best it professionals

This is a key factor in improving your employee retention strategy. Like other employees, tech talent likes to be congratulated. Let them know when they’ve done a great job. They also have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. Every once in a while, ask them how they feel and try to make them feel comfortable.

When you know what your employees need, you can help them to feel motivated. Sometimes, the work environment can get a little tense, and they won’t perform well. Let them take a day off to clear their minds. It’ll allow them to get some rest and they’ll be back stronger.

Meeting the needs of your employees increases their job satisfaction. You will make them feel engaged and they won’t think about looking for a new job. As your company offers all they want and need, they will stay for a long time.

Increase Benefits  

Today, providing employees with excellent benefits is indispensable. You can look for what leading companies are offering to their workers. It’ll help you to have an idea of what you need. When employees receive great benefits, they can improve their wellbeing. And since most people spend almost all their time at work, this is vital.

Give them access to on-site spa sessions or gym classes. This allows them to take a break when they feel overwhelmed. Companies like Samsung and Apple provide their employees with discounts on products so they can buy whatever they want for less money.

You can also provide them with parental leave benefits. It will help you to retain your workers and attract new hirings. For people who are looking to have a new baby, it is essential. Remember that most companies only provide maternity leave, and fathers would also like to spend time with their newborns.


In general, these tips will allow you to remain competitive these days. As you’ll be able to lure any candidate, you can build up the most skilled tech team. However, keep in mind that the world environment is constantly changing, and you should be flexible. Don’t hesitate to be dynamic and try new methods to approach potential workers. This will allow you to become and more attractive and charismatic employer.

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