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How To Start Freelancing As A Side Hustle

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Yash Shah

Are you feeling the cash crunch during the ongoing pandemic? Need passive income from passive side hustles to get you through the added expenses of working from home? If your answer is yes, freelancing is a great option for you! Freelance side hustles are flexible and allow you to work at your own pace, to your liking, and at comfortable hours.

For those already working a full-time job and do not wish to commit to another permanent part-time job, freelancing is a viable option. Freelance gives you the freedom to work when you want to, what type of work you want to do, add to your list of skills, and earn an extra buck.

Many even take freelancing as a full-time career option. Still, if you think keeping your permanent job is necessary, online side hustles, such as content writing, editing, animation, blogging, web designing, etc., work well.

The Ultimate Guide To Being A Freelancer

Different Online Side Hustles

Some of the best side hustles to make extra money are:

  • Graphic design  
  • Copywriting  
  • Editing  
  • Videography  
  • Marketing  
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  
  • Web designing and development  
  • Photography  
  • Data entry  
  • Bookkeeping  

Here are some of the Most Profitable Side Hustles

  • Blogging  
  • Event management  
  • Rideshare driving  
  • Survey participant  
  • Mystery shopping  
  • Makeup artist  
  • Pet care services  

If you have a marketable skill, engage in digital freelance gigs to profit from it.

Tips to Manage Freelance & Full-Time Work

Full-time workers have understood the benefits of having a side hustle while still keeping their main job. For those worried about whether they can freelance while being permanently employed, the answer in most cases is yes.  

Many freelancers hold onto their permanent full-time job whilst pursuing a side hustle that gives them that extra bit of cash that they require. Successfully completing freelance projects allows you to add additional skills to your CV, which can be the difference between getting that promotion you longed for or the job you dreamed about.  

Here are some tips for professionals to balance their freelance jobs with their full-time work:

1. Check Your Work Contract

Before you start freelancing, make sure you go through your contract to understand whether your full-time workplace bars you from side hustles.

2. Inform Your Workplace

It’s great to be transparent about your side hustle since your company may eventually find out about your freelance gigs. The industry is small, and word spreads quickly. Keeping your organisation informed helps build trust.

3. Clarify Benefits of Freelance

Freelancing can sometimes be viewed in a negative light. Let your current employer know that your professional skills improve with every freelance project, which, in turn, benefits the organisation. There are many opportunities for professionals to test and hone their skills. Your added skills are a huge plus for your employer.

4. Freelance Time and Dime

To steer clear of any problems with your employer, you might want to do your freelance gigs after your office timings and not at your employer’s expense. Create specific timetables that enable you to work full-time and freelance without any hassle.

5. Consider Networking

Reach out to other freelancers to build connections in the freelance world. Recommend other freelancers for certain projects if you feel they would be a better fit, and you probably would receive the same treatment.

6. Notify Timings to Clients

You don’t want your freelance clients calling you at your workplace. Be sure to communicate your freelance timings to clients before you take up projects.

7. Work-Life Balance

Freelance is a great way to earn that extra bit of cash, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of burnout. Understand your limits and work accordingly. It’s okay to reject some projects if you feel it disturbs your work-life balance.


This guide helps you understand the benefits of freelancing while working a full-time job and answers your questions as to why you should start freelancing as a side hustle. The benefits of freelance side hustles are innumerable and can only work in your favour.  

The tips for managing your job and side hustle are a boost for you to integrate your side hustle into your everyday life easily. There are many types of freelance jobs that you can start with and build a career out of. Find the side hustle you connect with and have a passion for to make the most of your skills.

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