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Top 10 Marketplace Tools For Agencies

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Yash Shah

Times are changing, and so is the way of doing business. With the world increasingly moving towards WFH, agencies predominantly use diverse marketplace tools to access the best talent for a range of services.

Agencies and freelancers are making optimal use of these platforms to find clients or projects that match their skillset and capabilities. These marketplaces use big data algorithms that help analyze a project that has been posted, giving a selection of suitable candidates with the Search function. Agencies can search for clients or leads and respond to client invitations.

Here, we bring you some major marketplace tools used by agencies to grow their business further.



Upwork is one of the major marketplaces used by agencies to get access to client leads. This platform aims to match service providers with prospective employers or projects. A variety of short-term and long-term contracts are available on this platform.

There is an easy and transparent way of communication between the client and the service provider. The range of services offered is creative sales, creative design, admin, marketing, software development, content writing, and more.

People Per Hour


People Per Hour is one of the pioneers as a platform that connects the business community with the freelancer community. Popular for being a platform that enables clients to hire freelancers on a per-hour basis, the online site is the perfect place for agencies to scout for business leads.

The platform has successfully connected one million clients and freelancers. The marketplace could be the right channel to generate leads for agencies involved in technology and programming, digital marketing, photo and image, music and audio marketing, branding, social media, writing, translation, and programming.

Freelancer Map

freelancer map

The platform works on the tendering model. It means that agencies can submit their tenders to win bids and projects directly from clients online. Freelancer Map works primarily in the IT niche, with presentation also being a key area of work. At the moment, there are about 2,056 projects available for which agencies can submit their tenders.



It is a popular platform that connects hospitality industry businesses with experienced, skilled, and talented freelancers. These freelancers are hired for a short term, ranging from a day to a month. With such flexibility, it is possible for agencies working in the hospitality sector to look for leads regarding workforce requirements, turnkey projects, new hotels for supplies, etc.



Toptal is a platform that helps companies and businesses find the top 3% of world-class freelancers. Agencies that work in the IT and finance sector can look for viable leads here. The marketplace can be used as a tool for prospective software development projects, software designing projects, product and project management, and financial projects.



Small and medium-sized businesses increasingly use the platform to access the best talent, skills, and experience available. There is a range of services that the marketplace facilitates - starting from website designing to C#Programming, Proofreading to 3D Modelling; there is a vast scope at the marketplace for agencies to find projects suiting their skills and specializations.



Fiverr is a cost-effective marketing tool for agencies. Hundreds of projects get posted here by companies looking for serious freelancers to do their projects. Agencies working in core areas like logo designing, WordPress, Dropshipping, web and mobile design can get realistic client leads from here.

Solid Gigs


This platform is unique and distinctive as it works by daily alerting freelancers of the top 1% of jobs available. Agencies can use the site to find the best opportunities available depending on their expertise, skills, and experience.

Simply Hired


This platform allows contract workers and freelancers to explore and browse freelance jobs in areas near them. Thus, it can become the perfect place for local agencies to scout for viable business leads and prospective clients.

These marketplace tools have proven to be the best way for agencies to get client leads and offer their services for diverse projects.

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