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Invoicely is an amazing platform used by many different types of businesses. But that is the problem, isn't it? It can be used by 'any' type of business. May it be Pharmacy, Construction or Universities. This means that they have to build features that might not be necessary for Agencies & Freelancers which unnecessarily complicates the software for you.

At Clientjoy, we've built the Product for You! This means you have exactly the things that you need. No more, no less.

Here’s why Businesses, Freelancers &
Creators Prefer Clientjoy over Pipedrive

Not Just Sales

Clientjoy helps with Proposals, Invoicing, Client Management & Payments as well. Everything in One Single Place.

Client Experience

70% of your Business can come through referrals. Clientjoy helps offer a Stellar Client Experience.

Complete Visibility

Since Everything happens on Clientjoy, you have deeper visibility for better decision making.

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Here's how Clientjoy Stacks up to Pipedrive feature-to-feature



> $15/user/month


Custom Domain
Not Available
Custom SMTP
Your Logos & Colours

Grow Your Business

Leads & Contacts
Sales Pipeline
With custom stages
Lead Activities
With simple log
2-Way Email Sync
Outlook, Gmail & IMAP
Meeting Scheduler
With Public Link & Embed
2-Way Calendar Sync
Outlook, Google & Apple
E-Sign Docs
Available as a $39/Month Add-on
Doc Templates
Not Available
Estimates & Quotes
Available as a $39/Month Add-on
Custom Templates
Available as a $39/Month Add-on
Convert Proposal to Invoice
Not Available

Manage your Clients

Clients & Contacts
Client Portal
Not Available
Shared File Repository
For internal use only

Get Paid on Time

Not Available
Items & Categories
Not Available
Multiple Currencies
Not Available
Recurring Invoices
Not Available
Recurring Payments
Not Available
Payment Methods & Gateways
Not Available
Split Payments
Not Available
Taxes & Discounts
Not Available


User Roles & Rights
For Access Control
Custom Fields
Across all Modules
Merge Fields
For Personalisation
Email Templates
For Efficiency
Integrations & APIs
With 3000+ Apps

❤️ We Power 4000+
Businesses in 90+ Countries


At the moment there is a very clean interface and it's easy to use. I like the workspaces too. Very impressed with the concept, hopefully, I have finally found something that will replace Pipedrive!


Wonderful! Highly recommended!I am using this software since around 2 weeks, this works perfectly for me as CRM, to manage clients with synchronized emails is a plus, I can find my clients email very easily. The integrated client portal is also a highlight, this makes sharing files with client so simple. The proposal and invoice integration is another plus.


The icing on the cake for me is having the Client portal. I did not like sending the final "sensitive" PDF package to my clients via email and I now won't have to. Offering a client portal is just simply, AWESOME!

Angie Neal

Web Designer

I'm finding Clientjoy very easy to use. Everything 'makes sense' on this platform. Finding the right CRM can be difficult as many softwares in this space are very complicated and confusing. Clientjoy has all you need but keeps it easy to view and manage.

Vivek Ghildiyal

Managing clients are so easy with ClientJoy. Clientjoy has made managing my clients headache-free for me. I have tried many similar tools to manage proposals and invoices but I like how Clientjoy has implemented things. I can Share proposals, convert them to invoices and ask my clients for payment with my own personal branding URL. Overview Dashboard is very handy too.

Antal Spaapen


It’s very easy to set up and easy to import existing clients as well as very straightforward to use. We found out that going from lead to offer from offer and quotation to order from order to invoice and after invoice to track the payments are really easy. We integrated our Stripe account into the system. Very soon PayPal would be integrated as well. Also, we found that is quite easy to keep a good overview of your leads, clients, payments, etc. Clientjoy looks very promising to us.

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We've been lucky to enjoy patronage of 4000+ Businesses and 9000+ Creators & Freelancers in 90+ Countries. Some of them took out the time to speak with us and others spoke to their followers on different platforms. Here's a super-cut of what they had to say about Clientjoy.

Here's why Businesses Prefer Clientjoy over Pipedrive

#1 Sales Engine for Founder Led Sales Efforts

Build a Predictable Sales Engine that ensures you always have healthy amount of Leads in your Pipeline

Customisable Sales Pipeline
Ability to E-Sign Docs, Proposals & Contracts
2 Way Sync with Email & Calendar
Share Public Availability with Booking Engine

Offer Stellar Experiences to your Clients

Convert your existing Clients into your referral engine by offering an amazing experience to your Clients

Custom Branded Client Portal
Share Files & Assets with your Clients
Embedable widgets within Client Portal
Custom Scripts for all Client Pages

Get Paid on Time. Without the follow-ups, Always.

Stop wasting your time manually asking your Clients for Payments. Clientjoy ensures you never have to do that again.

One-time & Recurring Invoices
Support for Multiple Currencies
Convert Proposals to Invoices in one-click
Set up Automated Reminders & Follow-ups.

Clientjoy is More than 'Just a Software', it's a Promise

Here are 4 reasons why ‘Using Clientjoy’ will be the best business decision you will make this year.

You get 256-Bit Bank Grade Security
You’ll Experience World Class Support
Built for Agencies by an Agency
And it is Easy on your Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a tool better than Invoicely for Small Businesses?

While Invoicely is a great tool for managing invoices, expenses, and payments, it sets some limits when it comes to managing the entire client lifecycle. Luckily, there are many Invoicely alternatives with varied features and pricing for your business such as Clientjoy, SalesForce, Pandadoc, etc.

Who is Better: Clientjoy or Invoicely?

The easiest way to get an answer to this is to try both the tools and see which helps you relieve your workload and speed up the tasks. If you want a simple tool that helps you manage your finance without any other complex features, then Invoicely might be the way to go. If you want a tool that offers more features at a similar cost, if not less, then Clientjoy is the way to go.

Why should you pick Clientjoy?

Clientjoy offers a user-friendly interface that will have you manage your entire client lifecycle work with no hassle. Plus, it comes with a lot more than just Invoices and Payments that will have you use Clientjoy as an alternative to Invoicely for as long as you want and manage your client lifecycle seamlessly.

What should you look for in an Invoicely Alternative?

If you’re already looking for another tool to switch to, it should definitely be able to help you manage more than just invoices and payments. Look for a tool that help you manage your entire client lifecycle - leads, proposals, meetings, invoices and payments.

Clientjoy is a Great option for you to try out.

How does Clientjoy’s pricing compare to Invoicely?

Unlike Invoicely, Clientjoy offers Unlimited Invoices, Multiple Payment Gateways in all the plans, including the free one. Plus, you can have Unlimited Clients, Set Recurring Invoices with auto reminders, offer Split & Auto payments in all the paid plans!

What is included in the free versions of Clientjoy and Invoicely?

While Invoicely’s free plan includes just 5 monthly invoices and allows you to accept payments through PayPal only, Clientjoy’s free plan allows you to have unlimited invoices and accept payments through multiple payment gateways. Plus, you get access to Client Portal for a shared file repository, proposal templates with e-sign and view tracking and a lot more.

Get the Power of 5+ Tools for
the Price of one

Includes everything we’ve built so far & everything we build in the Future.



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