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How to Make Better Brand Videos for Your Agency

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Andre Oentoro

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Online videos have been taking the centre stage of social media and the internet in general. As we scroll through our Instagram feeds or visit a news site, there is video content waiting to be clicked, whether it’s an educational explainer video or an entertaining meme compilation.

The reason why this type of content is increasingly popular is that it can deliver complicated messages in an engaging way in a matter of seconds. And in a world where internet users are constantly bombarded with information, that is a breath of fresh air.

So, to make sure your agency stays ahead of the game, you need to create a stunning brand video. You must know that effective branding is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Engaging brand videos make your agency stand out and allow your target audience to pick you out of the huge, competitive crowd.

Now, the question is, “how do I make a high-performing brand video?

Let’s find out!

Define Your Target Audience

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Before you start investing anything in video production, you need to understand your target audience in the first place. Ask yourself, “who do I want to appeal to with this video?”

When it comes to video marketing, if you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one. It’s crucial for you to know who you’re trying to attract and how to deliver your brand messages through videos to them.

Make sure to research your audience and find their values, interests, even their demographic. The more you know about them, the higher chances you will get to create a relevant brand video that reaches the heart of your audiences and connects them with your brand.

Develop Your Unique & Genuine Brand Voice

You can infuse your brand personality and emotion into your brand video. If you include your business personality in your agency’s communication, you create a genuine brand voice.

A unique and true-to-you brand voice will help your audiences remember your brand. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when your consumers hear your business name. Therefore, it increases your brand recall.

In this case, it is always better to use tone and style that showcases your brand personality for the video. It will make it much easier for you to stand out from other companies and competitors.

Create Your First Brand Videos With Scrappy Production

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Thanks to the internet and the rapid growth of technology. Now you can easily create a stunning brand video simply with your smartphone camera. Before you decide to produce a professional brand video and hire a professional video company, you can try creating the video yourself.

It helps you to understand what kind of brand videos your audiences love most without burning a hole in your pocket. Once you get a solid grasp of their favourite content, you can take a step further in investing in a more polished, professional brand video production.

Feature Your Brand Name, Colors, and Logo

If your brand videos miss your agency’s logo and colours, it is not a brand video. An effective brand video always includes a logo and agency-related theme to achieve maximum brand recognition so that they can connect with the audiences seamlessly.

It’s always best to include visual branding text and design overlay that features either your brand name, your brand logo or colours. It helps the audience recognize your brand from the first few seconds.

The best way to do it is to have them in the bottom corner throughout the video duration. Also, you might want to feature it on the outro screen too so the audience can easily notice and remember them.

Keep It Short and Sharp

Brand videos are indeed such powerful content when it comes to turning complex brand messages into digestible chunks so that the audience can retain the information faster.

That said, it does not mean you have to put all the information you have and create a 10-minute brand video. It can scare your audience away. No one wants to watch a video about a brand talking about themselves for that long. So, make sure you keep the video short and straightforward.

Remember, the aim of your brand video is to introduce your brand, highlight your unique selling points, and how you can help your audiences to solve their problems or make their lives a bit easier.

Wrapping Up

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Branding is crucial for every business -- large or small. And today, video content can be an ideal medium to improve your branding strategy. With the storytelling method it offers, this medium helps you to showcase your brand personality and get your message across to the right audience seamlessly. With those five essential best practices mentioned above, now you understand what you need to bring to the table to create an effective brand video.

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