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How to Use Video Marketing in 2021: Russell

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video marketing trends 2021

Whether it’s entertainment or education, people prefer watching videos and GIFs to reading texts or humour snippets. Similar is in the field of marketing as people are more inclined towards watching videos than reading blog posts of their desired brand. According to HubSpot, 72% of customers rather learn about a product or service using a video than any other way.

How to Make a Video in 2021

  1. Humanize Your Videos
  2. Edit Your Videos Before You Publish
  3. Be Real In Your Videos
  4. Take Your Phone and Start Recording
  5. Add Value to Your Videos
  6. Be The Face of Your Brand
  7. Plan and Shoot in Advance
  8. Figure Out Tools You Need To Improve Your Videos
  9. Consistency is the Key
  10. SEO will Help You Find Killer Topics
  11. Inspire & Reward Your Team For Creative Ideas
  12. Ask for Feedback and Stick to Your Goal

Taking this constantly growing trend into consideration, we here at Linkjoy hosted Russell Barnard for some insightful tips on video marketing in 2021. Russell is an engineer turned web developer, who has gone forth in his pursuit of video marketing and co-founded Snappd.

At Snappd, he and his team are focused on providing the easiest way to create appealing and action-based videos for brands engaged in video marketing.

Dedicated to online business, he shares his views on video marketing that are in everyone’s interest to grow their brand using some practical and trending techniques. To know more about it, continue reading this post or jump to the video section at the end of the post.

1. Humanize Your Videos

Russell believes that the modern approach to promote your brand using videos is getting in front of the camera. The current video-based social media apps like Tik Tok, Instagram and Snapchat have pushed people to adapt to this concept, and small businesses are turning towards it.

He further asserted that while you’re recording a video, you should act and speak like you’re talking to a specific person and that person is in front of you. That way, your videos will appear natural and make more sense to your audience. Not in a way you’re an internet personality and preaching to your followers in general.

2. Edit Your Videos Before You Publish

Russell believes there’s always something to fix and learn from your first recording. So before you hit publish, edit that clip many times and cut the crap.

According to him, you should bring in at least three improvements to your first video recording. It can be anything from your gestures while you talk, speech and sound of your voice. Once everything sounds good, then move forward with the process of publishing and marketing.

3. Be Real In Your Videos

Now, this one from Russell put us all beginners together. Especially for those who are starting out, it’s alright if you get nervous in your videos. Because it is often evident when you seem nervous and recording is shaky a little bit, videos come out more authentic to people than those that are cropped and stitched.

Nowadays, people tend to support videos that feel natural because they believe in the trustworthiness of such recordings.

4. Take Your Phone and Start Recording

You don't need to rely on a professional camera to shoot your videos. A smartphone with a good camera is ideal to shoot normal recordings during the day or on low-light occasions. These cameras have been on a continuous enhancement from the last several years that we see, and they're all good for recording high-quality videos.

Once videos are created and edited, you can start promoting your content on video-based platforms like Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram etc.

5. Add Value to Your Videos

Undoubtedly, videos are a great way to market your business. But if they provide zero value to users in the form of content, all your efforts are in vain. That’s why the fundamental goal of your video marketing should be content creation.

About the same, Russell has shared his views on creating valuable content and sticking to one particular niche even if your brand works in various genres.

6. Be The Face of Your Brand

Be the face and voice of your brand. Being the owner of your business, you might want to take the lead and host all your videos on your own. If you think you aren’t comfortable doing so or don’t want to get featured, you can pass this job to someone with great communication skills in your team.

But make sure the host is consistent and stays as the ambassador of your brand for a long time. Otherwise, it’s going to affect the growth of your channel.  

7. Plan and Shoot in Advance

One of the best things you can do to keep your video marketing channel organized is to plan and shoot your videos in advance. The simple reason behind this stated by Russell is that when the host of your channel leaves your team unexpectedly, you will still have a lot of videos recorded to post on your channel till another host joins you.

So don’t rely on a schedule of one video at a time, have all your content planned and recorded ahead of time.

8. Figure Out Tools You Need To Improve Your Videos

You must give a shot at valuable tools and channels that can help you enhance the quality of content and recordings. It also depends on your requirements whether you need an external tool for your channel or not. On this particular subject, Russell points out that it depends on the medium of your channel.

For instance, if you’re targeting YouTube as a medium to promote your videos, you might need minimal tools to create content and recordings. If it’s about Instagram or other social networking sites like Twitter, you may need more tools as per your needs.

9. Consistency is the Key

When he was asked the number one key to succeed in video marketing, he pointed out - consistency. He further asserted that the ability to keep producing valuable content for your target audience will ultimately make you stand out and give you the spotlight in the long run.

10. SEO will Help You Find Killer Topics

There’s always something hyped across the internet, and your primary job should be finding out what is it? It may seem as easier as a cakewalk, but to actually discover what your audience admires, you need to have your eye on the technical side of marketing.

It comes down to finding trending topics of your niche using keyword tools and then optimizing your videos according to the search traffic on your desired video-based websites.  

11. Inspire & Reward Your Team For Creative Ideas

It’s not always the job of your host to come up with creative content ideas for your brand. It’s your team that works together to plan, shoot and organize everything. They might have the ability to come up with inventive content ideas if you allow and inspire them for content creation.

So what Russell has to say is they’re a valuable part of your success, and they deserve to be accredited and acclaimed. It’s your job to make them feel so and reward them for every new breakthrough every time.

Also, make them share and brainstorm ideas with each other in order to strengthen teamwork.

12. Ask for Feedback and Stick to Your Goal

Last but not least, never shy away from asking for feedback on your videos from the audience. This is underestimated, however, you can leverage it and make changes to your videos and keep improving as per feedbacks you receive.

In the end, he proposed that no matter if apps or websites get banned, there shouldn’t be any impact on your goal. Because if the goal is to provide value, you’ll adapt to a new channel or platform and continue to grow with your audience.

Nothing can be as tragedic as you watching the video instead of reading this post. Anyway, My Bad Luck!

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