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Why Is Social Media Presence Necessary For Your Agency?

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Yash Shah

Social Media has now become one key aspect of digital marketing. A social media presence provides incredible benefits for all kinds of businesses.

Currently, there are more than 3 billion people using social media across the globe.

A research report by Sherpa Marketing states that more people follow brands on social media than they follow celebrities.

Social Media is a fast, effective, and cost-friendly way for your agency to reach your target audience and build a community.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why a social media presence is necessary for your agency:

1. Increased Awareness:

increase brand awareness

Almost half of the world’s population is present on social media which makes it an accessible pool to reach out to them.
Nowadays, Instagram users are utilising the platform to discover new products and services.

Start by creating social profiles and establishing your brand presence on social media platforms. Gradually, start connecting with other users that your agency resonates with.

A good social media presence backed by a strong content strategy will result in increased brand awareness for your agency.

2. Customer Engagement:

customer engagement

Social media facilitates easy interaction and engagement with your customers.

For your agency, you can find decision-makers in specific industries and also find other industries to connect.

Engaging with customers on social media will also enable you to generate leads. With relevant messaging, those leads can be converted to your potential clients.

Effective engagement with customers will let you convey more to them.

3. Improved Brand Loyalty:

brand loyalty

When you establish a social media presence for your agency, customers can easily find and connect with you.

53% of customers who follow your business on social media are likely to be more loyal to it.

You also become more probable to maintain customer retention.

Customers see social media as a direct platform to engage with your brand. They believe you to be someone credible.

When you work on interacting and engaging with customers, brand loyalty is bound to follow.
Keeping your social profiles updated and sharing engaging content consistently also helps you to stay in the ‘top of mind’ list for your customers.

4. Increased Website Traffic:

website traffic

If something attracts the user’s attention on social media, they are often bound to spend more time engaging with it.

Once, your communication reaches to the attention stage of your customers, they will want to know more about who you are and what you do.

Social media posts and ads are key ways to drive traffic to your website.

One such way to bring customers to your website is by sharing great content from your blog or website to your socials.

5. Generate Leads:

lead generation for agencies

Establishing a social media presence for your agency can enable potential clients to express interest in your business. Many social networks also offer specific advertising formats designed to collect leads.

Social media is a highly cost effective way to generate leads for your business.

6. Boost Sales:

sales funnel

The social media presence of your agency is a critical part of your sales funnel.

You can find engaging ways to let your customers know about your offerings. After you have studied your target audience, you can present your offerings in an appealing manner to them.

Social sales tools will evolve with time.
One such example of sales through social media is the subscription sales for OTT platforms.

You can often see celebrities and actors posting about their movie releases on OTT platforms. They may put up an appealing Instagram story with a swipe up CTA to subscribe to the platform and watch their new series.

7. Go Viral:

viral social media challenges 2021

When people engage with your social media content by liking, commenting and sharing it, you content is exposed to newer audience groups.

The engagement on your content is a proof of  an existing connection with your brand.
Your followers act as word of mouth marketers when they share your content.

Personal influences are far more impactful on people. When you see a brand’s message shared by one of your friends/family members, it catches your attention easily.

Focus on what your existing followers like and respond to. Create appealing content for them. Promote it and make it shareable.

Going viral can take time at the beginning but a promising social media presence for your agency will help you in the longer run.


Final Words:

Social media marketing has now become crucial for startups as well as established businesses.

Competition on social media platforms also keeps on increasing day by day. It would prove to be beneficial for you to establish a strong social media presence for your agency at the earliest.

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