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12+ Best Social Media Management Tools That Help Run An Agency

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Yash Shah

Besides a spectacular service, you will also need to have an online presence to take your agency to the next level. You may already be running a website, but it might not have shown a lot of promise so far.

So, the next step is to take your agency onto a social media platform and start building a community of people. You will need buyers, sellers, resellers, and general followers to advocate your services.

As easy as it may sound, the process might be more than overwhelming when put to actual use. Tracking the days and time, the kind of post to create, and the content around it is vital to ensure that every platform is beneficial for your agency.

Lucky for you, there are tools that help perform these different tasks efficiently and we have curated them, category-wise, to make things a little easy for you.

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Social Media Management Tools

There are so many social media platforms that help you generate leads and engage with your audience. However, handling all of them at once can not only be a hassle but also limits your growth.

This is why using social media management tools is essential, especially since you will have multiple clients who have a presence on various social media platforms. Using such tools will help you be efficient in running your agency.

Best social media management tools single-handedly understand your social media presence, analyses your posts, and derives vital insights and metrics based on performance. For small businesses, it also gives details about the revenues generated via a particular platform.

You can use platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite, Recurpost, or Sprout Social that will help you manage all your social media requirements all in one place.

Social Media Planner Tools

Social Media planning might not sound like a big deal, but it is one of the most crucial steps in your social media journey. If you want to succeed and have an extraordinary presence on social media, you need to plan your content in advance.

Social Media planning tools help you plan which post will go on which platform and at what time. With a well-structured social media planner tool, you can easily keep your social media presence at par.

Tools like ContentCal and Loomly can perform various functions like social media planning, post scheduling, and even post it without you having to double-confirm.

Content Creation Tools

Just having a presence on social platforms is not enough, you also need to create content, publish it and engage with the audience.

While tools cannot help you create written content, some can definitely help you create stunning visuals to compliment your content.

Canva, Picsart, Unsplash, Adobe Spark, etc. are among the most well-known visual content creation tools. Using these tools is not just for supplementing your content creation, they are a necessity in today’s digital world as they will attract readers and make them stick till the last.create stunning visuals

Content Management Tools

With Content Management tools, you can easily track and tweak your pre-existing content as per the market requirements and fit your product offerings. Furthermore, it will keep the content fresh and automatically increase the chances of getting noticed more often.

With an overabundance of content management platforms out there, it is pretty easy to get lost. But at this time, switching to basics like Squarespace, WordPress, CKeditor, or Joomla can help a lot.

Scheduling Tools

We, as humans, tend to forget tasks a lot of times. Some of them can also be around our social media planner. Scheduling tools can solve that problem quickly.

Once you have created a post for a specific platform, you can schedule those to post that content on a specific day at a given time. This will ensure that all the social media platforms are being utilised properly, and you are also actively driving business to your door.

While there are many platforms out there, ContentCal, Falcon, Sendible, Sprout Social, Recurpost and Loomly are a few of the best for scheduling your content.

Performance & Analytics Tools

Another critical metric is to analyse how your post or content is performing. Whether it’s a public image, word, or a mix of both, it is essential to see how it has impacted your target audience.

Through performance and analytics tools, you can easily track the performance of each of your posts. Analysis of shortfalls or high points is vital to figure out what kind of content your audience is interacting with. This will also help you narrow down what kind of posts are driving business to your door.

If it’s the search engine you want to track on, Google Analytics and Google Search Console are the best or you can use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to measure social media posts. Also, many social media platforms have in-built features of providing a few analytics such as reach, impressions, etc.

Feedback & Response Management Tools

Once your post is live, it is bound to generate some feedback, queries, leads, or responses. And one of the traits that any customer holds in high regard is a swift response.

Setting up an automatic response tool or some way to stay in touch with your customers to resolve their problems or queries is an excellent way to drive more business. In a world where response times of more than one minute are considered “too long,” an automatic feedback and response management tool will serve as a big boon.

HubSpot, SurveyMonkey, and Qualaroo are some response management tools that help you track comments and feedback in real-time.

With these best social media management tools, your social media journey will be managed pretty quickly and smoothly. While there will be pitstops, you will be more than well equipped to iron them all out. Happy Hustling!

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