7 Tools to Make Your Content Marketing Agency Grow Faster

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So you’ve started a content marketing agency, and it’s been doing well for you. You’ve been able to get the desired results for your clients, which has also led to new business opportunities. But what does it take to boost the growth of a digital marketing agency today? The truth is that running a content marketing agency is not what it used to be. The audience's attention has become a scarce commodity with so much content coming out in the digital space every day. In a content marketing agency, you'll be faced with new challenges every day. Besides keeping track of everyday marketing operations, you'd also have to –

  • Track the SEO progress of content marketing campaigns.
  • Monitor the projects of several clients at the same time.
  • Carry out social media marketing campaigns.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the clients and all the other stakeholders.
  • Manage teams (both internal and external).

Fortunately, technological advancement has provided content agencies with some great tools to make these tasks a little easier. And, new and improved tools are coming out each year. According to marketing technology expert, Scott Brinker, the number of martech solutions have actually increased by almost 5,233% between 2011 and 2020! If used effectively, these tools can be the key to growing your digital marketing agency by leaps and bounds.

If you’re looking for some martech tools for powering your content marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place. In the following sections, we’ll provide you with 7 excellent digital marketing tools for ensuring the growth of your content agency. So, let’s get straight to them.

    7 Tools to Ensure Growth for Content Agencies

    1. Narrato - All-in-one content workflow platform

    Narrato is a content workflow platform that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of content marketing agencies. This tool essentially brings all your content operations to one place, reducing your dependency on multiple disjointed tools. It gives you greater control over your content operations -

    • You can build custom content workflows and automate them to organize your efforts
    • Grammar & readability tools and plagiarism checks allow you to ensure quality and originality of content
    • You can create automatic SEO content briefs, custom content templates, and style guides to give writers a headstart.
    • There is an AI writing assistant for multiple use cases to simplify and speed up content creation
    • Collaborating on content is seamless with on-task comments, @ mentions, and messages
    • There are custom user roles for team members with controlled access
    • You can add clients under the Guest(client) role to give them access to their own projects for easier collaboration
    • Freelance writers can be added to your team and freelancer payments can also be managed on the platform
    • Content calendars help track progress and Projects & Folders allow you to maintain an organized content repository

    Content marketing agencies that are interested in outsourcing content writing efforts can also use the Narrato Content Marketplace to avail the services of thousands of expert freelance writers.

    Pricing: Narrato has a free plan for individuals and small teams just getting started. The paid plans that come with advanced features start at $8 per user per month. There is also an option for a custom plan which can be tailored to meet the needs of your content agency.

    2. Clientjoy - CRM for small businesses and agencies

    Clientjoy is a one-stop CRM solution that can help content agencies scale their operations. With several automation integrations, managing sales, contacts, sales pipeline, client portals, emails and more becomes a lot easier. Some of its core features consist of –

    • Sales pipeline Management
    • Lead Management
    • Create Documents like Proposals, Contracts, Estimates/Quotes
    • Update Clients in Real Time on Client Portal
    • Send Cold Emails using Email Sequences
    • Real-time monitoring along with statuses and reports
    • Accept Domestic as well as International Payments using Stripe, Paypal, Instamojo, Razorpay, Payoneer
    • Book Appointments using our Scheduler
    • Manage your Emails using our Mailbox

    The best part is that there are no recurring fees with Clientjoy. With just a one-time fee payment, you’ll be able to enjoy all the features of the plan you’ve chosen forever, without ever having to pay again.

    Pricing: Clientjoy provides 3 scalable plans, which start with a one-time fee of $129 per user.

    3. Whatagraph - Agency reporting software

    This automated digital marketing reporting tool basically provides infographic reports after pulling data from websites, social media accounts, and other digital marketing channels. It makes it easier for content agencies to keep a track of what is working for their client's marketing and social media campaigns, and what is not. This empowers them to make data-driven decisions to improve the performance of their client's marketing campaigns. Some of the key features of this tool consist of –

    • Cross-channel reports.
    • More than 40 integrations, including HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads.
    • Pre-made templates and widgets to create reports.
    • Links to live reports for greater collaboration.
    • Option to add custom data from any source.

    Pricing: Whatagraph offers 3 pricing plans, with the basic one starting from $199 per month. If your content agency has complex reporting needs, there is also an option for a custom pricing plan.

    4. Digimind - Social listening and marketing intelligence platform

    This remarkable social listening and marketing intelligence software is the perfect solution for digital marketing agencies that want to level up their digital marketing game with insights and data. The social listening feature can be used to –

    • Monitor specific topics and terms
    • Leverage geolocalization
    • Analyze mentions
    • Get real-time analysis
    • Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports (presentation-ready)
    • Use search data for reputation management
    • Measure ROI

    The marketing intelligence feature, on the other hand, helps in monitoring any changes in the industry. This feature sources information from web pages, social media, forums, RSS feeds, etc. It enables you to spot any new trends as they are developing.

    Pricing: There are two models for Digimind pricing – the total number of queries that will be required every year (with unlimited mentions) or the estimate of total mentions every month (with unlimited queries/topics).

    5. Funnelytics - Content analytics platform

    With this funnel mapping and analytics tool, content marketing agencies can identify and analyze their sales funnel to streamline their marketing operations. This tool is crucial for any content agency that wants to keep pace with the fast-moving digital marketing world. Some of the core features of this tool consist of -

    • Drag and drop funnel builder
    • Analyze mode
    • Funnelytics vault
    • UTM tagging
    • Tracking revenue
    • Google tag manager

    Pricing: Funnelytics offers two plans – Starter and Pro. The Starter plan is free, while the Pro plan is priced at $99 per month.

    6. Ripl - Social video and content app

    Content agencies can use this cloud-based solution to create and manage their social media content. With Ripl, designing custom social posts with animations, text, videos and other multimedia content becomes significantly easier. The built-in library comes with customizable templates that can be used to create social posts for any occasion. Other features include automated hashtag suggestions, HD videos, content library, social media management, etc.

    Pricing: Ripl offers two plans – base and premium. The base plan is priced at $8.33 while the premium plan is priced at $13.75.

    7. Easil - Visual content creation platform

    Easil is a graphic designing tool that comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. The simplicity of its operation means that anyone and everyone can create marketing content like a pro. It comes with a host of great features like –

    • Image Editor
    • Artboards
    • Image Database
    • 1000+ image templates
    • Collaboration tools
    • Design approval workflow
    • Backup management

    It is perfect for content marketing agencies that want to create social media graphics, posters, brand templates, and more for their clients.

    Pricing: Easil offers two plans – Easil Plus at $7.50 per month and Easil Edge at $59 per month.


    With these great choices for martech tools, developing your own tool stack for your content agency shouldn’t be as daunting. There are a few things though that should be kept in mind when choosing the right tool for your digital marketing agency –

    • First identify the needs of your content agency, and how Martech tools will help you reach your goals.
    • Narrow down the tools that best fit your content agency’s budget.
    • Determine if the tools are easy to use.
    • Check whether the tool integrates well with your existing digital ecosystem.
    • Map your rollout plan – who will be using it and how will they be trained on it.

    Once you have your martech tool stack, it’s just a matter of implementation. You can now streamline your agency's operations, get more clients and provide them with better services.

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