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How To Promote Your Business on Facebook

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promote business on facebook

When it comes to promoting your business online, Facebook should be on the top of the list of your marketing channels. Reasons simply put - its enormous 2.7 billion monthly active users, extensive audience age range, and an array of marketing tools to grow your business.

Besides, the global social network never stops boasting the most compelling advertisement tools to get leads and drive sales. It is data-driven and provides you with deep insight into your audience and promotional activities, so it’s a big win if your business relies on statistics for success.

Promote your business on Facebook

1. Begin your Journey by Creating a Business Page
2. Optimize Your Business Profile and Start Posting Content
3. Take Advantage of Advertisements
4. Post Regularly For Brand Awareness
5. Curate Content More Often
6. Utilize The Power of CTA
7. Join Facebook Groups
8. Create Your Own Group
9. Event Management and Other Business Resources
10. Plan a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Being a small business, if you look forward to Facebook for marketing, let us guide you on how to promote your brand on the social giant.

Begin your Journey by Creating a Business Page

Facebook lets you create a business page for your brand, a separate identity from your personal profile. Visit and log in with your profile and choose the type of page you want to create.

Up next, you need to fill in the basics like business name, type of business, and other essential details like page description, about-us section, username, profile, and cover photos, etc. Once it’s created, you can publish it and invite your friends to like and follow your page.

Optimize Your Business Profile and Start Posting Content

Once your page is published and all the essential page details are set up, now it’s time to optimize your profile to use business resources.

Over the past few years, Facebook has added up several great tools to its page section. Isn’t it amazing when you can connect your page with your Instagram profile, and manage your both accounts and optimize all promotional activities under one roof?

Facebook names it Business Suite and you may access it after you start posting content on your page. You can keep track of statistics for each post, know how it is performing, and directly interact with your audiences using the tool.

Take Advantage of Advertisements

Advertisement is Facebook’s most powerful feature to reach out to more users who aren't following your page but might be interested in your product. Whether you need to get more leads, promote your page or get more website visitors, Facebook can help you achieve your business goals.

It’s an added advantage if you have the right target audience and budget in mind because ads can convert and easily take you to your potential customers.

Remember, you don’t need to run ads daily. Just keep track of them, observe their time and performance, and plan & run the next ad accordingly.

Post Regularly For Brand Awareness

Be in constant touch with your audience to improve the brand visibility of your business. With you consistently posting content and trying various ways to engage with them, your brand has higher chances of getting noticed amid the fierce competition.

Remember to post fresh content and engage with innovative ways that will help you stand out and get more reach.

Curate Content More Often

If you don’t tend to come up with fresh ideas due to not having the right team or for any reason, curating content is the best option to entertain or inform your audience. Content curation intends to add value to an existing piece of content to interest users and grab attention.

Unlike resharing of content, content curation focuses on providing value to your users which they might appreciate and enjoy.

Did you know: 7 out of 11 curated Facebook posts reach out to over a whopping 750,000 users.

Utilize The Power of CTA

One great way to drive more sales and improve the engagement rate is to inject a CTA in your promotional posts. The rule here is to draft an attention-grabbing caption that will drive them to take prompt action on your promotional offer.

Some of the most common CTAs used by businesses are “Shop Now”, “Learn More” “Watch Now” “Sign Up” etc. Never miss out on a chance to attach such a button whenever it's needed. Facebook also gives you an option to add it on your homepage as well as in promotional posts on your feed.

Did you know: Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase the click-through rate by 285%.

Join Facebook Groups

Joining Facebook Groups based on the niche of your business is one of the best ways to enhance your brand visibility. Users on Facebook tend to engage in a group and talk about brands and businesses before making a purchase. And it’s the best place to market your product and inform group members how it can be beneficial to them.

Groups can be private or public, however, you can join the ones that are best preferred to your business niche and target audience.

Create Your Own Group

If your brand is there on Facebook, you should consider creating your own community within the community. To represent your brand, you should create your identity in the form of a group, where your audience will have all the news and updates about your company and promotional offers inside.

Being a part of a group also makes them feel a special privilege, so you should focus on maintaining an active presence in the group along with your page.

Event Management and Other Business Resources

A Facebook business page offers more than just posting content like news and updates, promotional photos, and videos. More business resources such as live video, gift cards, event manager, etc. can be leveraged with the need of your business.

Event Manager is among the best business tools. You can host an event and share its details like tickets, location, frequency, and all other essential information with your fans and followers. Creating an event will also help you shape your brand’s image and interact with your audience one-on-one.

Plan a Facebook Marketing Strategy

The best way to make all of the above steps work for your business is to approach Facebook marketing strategically. You can plan everything in advance, including the ratio between product promotion and content curation, content calendar, advertisements, events, branding, and the whole promotional campaign.

This makes everything transparent to your team and helps to act accordingly in advance. Going strategically will also put a unique brand image of your business in front of your audience, especially the one you want to represent.

Summing Up:

Being the largest social community across the world, Facebook has been continuously working on enhancing itself and expanding its business resources. However, with the growing competition, the power of organic reach has been deteriorating. When you actually start promoting your business on Facebook, you may notice getting leads is challenging. In spite of that, you can plan and achieve your business goals with the right strategy and proper execution, if not at the earliest then with time.

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