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5 Tips To Create A Killer Call-To-Action

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An email is essentially incomplete without a call to action. Your CTA directs your subscribers to the next step you've laid out for them. Hence, CTA should be impactful if you want to make users do something for you. And, if you are wondering how to create a call to action to use in your email marketing campaign for agencies, you've come to the right place!

What’s A Call To Action?

As the full form Call to Action suggests, a CTA is essentially a line of text or hyperlink at the end of your email that directs/calls a user to take action. Whether it is to reply to a mail, subscribe to a newsletter, visit a page or buy something from their website, a CTA is a single phrase that enables you to make the receivers perform an action.

Why Is A CTA important?

CTAs are the ammo in an email marketer's gun. It is not just a single line, but the distinction between a good email and a converted email because no matter what your plan is, a CTA should always be such that it continues the conversation that you started.

So, whether your brand is selling things or providing services or you just want your subscribers to read a simple blog, an email should essentially include one CTA to spurt a conversation.

While these buttons are necessary and small, they aren't the easiest to embed in your email.

To tackle reader fatigue, email marketers have to innovate and create the right impact on the audience constantly.

If you are wondering how to generate a CTA that converts, we have mentioned a few tips to optimize your Email Call to Action in this article.

Define The Purpose Of Your CTA

Before you start, define the purpose of your CTA clearly. What is it that you want the people to do? How can you get them to take that action? Making an explosive CTA for the email needs a purpose at its core.

E.g., While promoting the spirit of gifting, instead of using "Gift Now", use "Spread Happiness" to define the purpose.

Make The CTA Button Interactive

To make things exciting and eye-catching for the reader, make your CTA button interactive. You can change the colours and depth of the CTA button when a person hovers the mouse over it.

call to action

The Fewer Words, The Better

Keep your CTA minimalistic, no need to make it a grand line. If you have too much clutter around the CTA, it will be hard to find no matter how big or bold it is. Make sure to keep your CTA short, crisp, and with lots of space around it to highlight the text.

E.g., The signature Google CTA for the Material Design approach by Google is minimalistic and serves the purpose. The simple graphics and the ample space around it don’t fight with the CTA and highlight this short and simple CTA perfectly.

Your CTA Must Be Compelling

If your CTA doesn't seem compelling to you, it surely isn't to your readers. There should be an element of value proposition to make your readers click and do the action you want them to do. If they don't find any value associated with your email or CTA, they'll just put it in Spam.

E.g., A good way to add value proposition-based CTA is by tapping into the fear of missing out, especially for a Shopping sale. Instead of using a simple "shop now", you can use "Only Till The Weekend" or "Limited Stock" to create a sense of urgency within your readers to do the action.

Don’t Overuse The CTA

Cut redundancy wherever possible. Using the same CTA in your email repeatedly won't amuse your readers, rather the opposite of it. They'll find you more of a salesman and ignore the Value Addition you might try to sell them. It's always better to use fewer CTAs and make them all different to keep the reader interested in your email database.

Some Examples of CTAs for your Emails


  • Complete our survey
  • Give us your feedback

Social Media

  • Follow us
  • Like us on Facebook


  • Find out how
  • Reserve your seat
  • Claim your coupon


While there is no certain solution that fits all cases in terms of CTAs, you should know one simple conclusion: Keep it simple, purposeful, interesting, and keep experimenting. You'll be good to go and will start creating engaging CTAs if you follow the basics correctly.

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