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4 Email Personalisation Techniques For Every Marketer

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Yash Shah
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Technology has introduced the era of personalisation, where 94% of companies believe that personalisation is the key to their success. However, only 5% of agencies and businesses employ personalisation techniques extensively. While personalisation is a crucial element of your strategy, you have to ensure that the advanced personalisation techniques to increase audience engagement are well-researched and proven to work. How to authentically engage your customers and keep them?

In this post, we're covering 4 Email Personalisation techniques, templates, and tools to enhance your business communications. Especially for sales and marketing functions, personalised email templates and email personalisation tools play a vital role in achieving the best outcome.

Here are some tips for email personalisation for your business:

Create Your Customer Personas

Customer personas refer to the amount of research that goes into identifying your ideal customer. With all the analytical tools and online platforms, it has never been easier to gather accurate data about your potential customers. When you design content for online consumption, knowing your customer persona is crucial to your campaign's success.

Customer personas help develop email personalisation tools like attractive mailers, brand tone, and a linking strategy that matches the readers’ interest. A well-built customer persona can teach you more about the market’s behaviour. By identifying users’ response to your emails, you can use trigger events to improve your content engagement.

You can build a customer persona based on interests, online activity, professional summary, purchase decisions, social media platforms, and other aspects of your target audiences and their behaviour. When you know what they're expecting, you can use email personalisation techniques to inspire people to take action.

Consider Your Audiences’ Time Zone

One way to personalise your emails is to reach your audience at the right time. However, not all your customers may be in one location or the same time zone, so your job is to figure out the best time to reach them.

You should gather data and know which customers prefer to read emails at 8:00 am or who are most active at 8:00 pm. By reaching them at the right time, you are more likely to receive a response to your email. Additionally, the way you relate with people from different locations plays a significant part in your relationship with your audiences.

Your email’s goal is to make yourself more accessible and relevant to the audience in any time zone. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can use appropriate words and information to relate to people in the best way possible. Businesses should use perfect time and location as advanced personalisation techniques. This helps increase audience engagement.

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Personalised Landing Pages

Usually, emails are used to drive traffic to a page or prompt readers to take action and sign up or share your message. The goal is to increase audience engagement with your content.

Landing pages fall under one of the most widely employed email personalisation techniques. When your email is offering something interesting to the user, they would like to know more. A targeted landing page gives just enough information fit to nurture their interest in your idea.

A personalised landing page is usually linked to emails as a marketing strategy where users learn more about what they were informed about. The landing page aims to stick to the email message with a more creative and inspirational way to drive people to action.

As opposed to your company website, a landing page serves as a comprehensive marketing tool for a specific campaign. The specificity and targeted nature of the landing page complements your personalised email templates. Thus, people are offered information relevant to the offer you’re selling or the idea you’re spreading.

Automated Trigger Emails

Trigger emails are the type of emails based on the real-time reactions of customers to your content. Be it Amazon sending you customized products based on your browsing history, or Facebook page suggestions based on your viewing interests, both of these are examples of trigger emails.

When you receive product information after filling up a form or requesting access to an e-book on a third-party website, it also falls under a common example of the same.

You can use various email personalization tools to trigger emails like for B2B, for e-commerce sites, and SparkPage for B2C interactions. By exploring the user behavior, you have a higher chance of matching their interests and promoting your business.

The use of trigger emails can also maintain a consistent communication channel with your target market. Since automation is at the core of trigger events, emails can be sent out at the right time to the right people, just to remind them of your concern about their interaction with your product. You're encouraging their interests by showing your commitment to their interaction with your content.

Wrapping Up

Personalization is at the core of email marketing for agencies, and with these simple email personalization techniques, you can take your brand to the next level.

Slowly, you can promote your business with a solid strategy that uses advanced personalization techniques to increase audience engagement. The key is to maintain consistent communication and quality content delivery.

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