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Effective Ways To Write A Killer Subject Line

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Yash Shah

The number of emails sent daily is a figure that is only expected to increase in the future. Many companies & agencies use email as a primary form of marketing and sales communications. Even on social media and website campaigns, collecting potential customers’ emails is a fundamental aspect of the overall marketing strategy.

Because, when you have direct contact with your targeted audience, you can not only prepare an email that converts them into customers but also engages with them and provide value.

If you already have all the customer data, you may be planning on an effective email marketing campaign. Today, you can reach more people in the shortest time ever with email marketing tools and bulk email engines.

However, when a person receives an email, the first thing they notice is the subject line. The email subject will determine whether they open the email or not. And if you want to boost open rates for your email communications, you have to know the techniques for writing killer subject lines.

In this article, we're going to explore how to write a killer email subject line that can boost your open rates.

How To Write An Excellent Email Subject Line?

Optimizing your email subject line won't guarantee a sale, but it can boost open rates, ensuring engagement with your email's content. The more people open your emails, the better are the chances to convert them.

Subject lines are the main reason people open emails, and to win your customer, you have to make things interesting.

Here are some techniques for writing killer subject lines:

Keep It Short & Simple

Your subject line should convey the content of your email in the most direct, short and simple way possible. You shouldn't fill up the subject line with long phrases that detach the viewer from the main message or give the wrong impression of being spammy.

The idea is to get straight to the point and build up your email content with a subject that introduces the gist of your intention.

Some examples are:

  • Got an offer for you
  • The best way to charge your phone
  • Mission accomplished
  • Special gift for you from *brand name*

That being said, different sales pitches require different ways of adhering to a brand tone and identity. The point is to express your intention in a friendly manner.

An excellent way to come up with the perfect subject line is to write it after you've composed the email so that it is in sync with the content.


Ask A Question

A marketing technique that almost always works is to open a subject line of the email with a question. This is because a question not only prompts people to answer but also makes them curious.

If your intent is made clear with an engaging question, people will have an idea of what to expect. Your question can boost open rates if the reader is curious and looking for the very same answer.

Some examples are:

  • Want to generate more sales?
  • Looking to sell your products online?
  • Do you want a free tool for marketing?
  • Looking for the best doctor in town?

Again, the question should be to the point and engage with users' interests, who then can make up their mind on whether they want to know more.

Personalize The Subject

A great way to relate to readers instantly is by making the subject of your email personal. This means that you have to address an aspect of the audience's lives that may generate interest in your offering.

A common way to personalize email subjects is to use the recipient's name to open up dialogue. But, you don't always have to use their name. You can make it more innovative.

Some examples are:

  • Jane Winslow, your next vacation is on us
  • Michel Brody, looking for interest-free loans?
  • Visiting the annual fair? Here's a free coupon
  • David, are you still on holiday?

People feel special when you address their name in an email offering. Personalizing subject lines makes for one of the best techniques to boost open rates.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous ways to relate with your audiences and make a winning email marketing campaign to boost open rates. Try applying these three techniques to your email subject lines and watch the results come in quickly.

Paired with careful research about your audience, you can draft an email that resonates with the desires of your ideal customer.


Apply These Tips To Increase Your Open Rate!

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