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Clientjoy Shines Brightly as a High Performer in G2's Winter Report 2023

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Antara Roy

As I write this, it has not even been a month since I joined Clientjoy. And full disclosure, I am still learning the ropes of what it means to be a product company. So, when everyone at the office was overjoyed when the G2 Winter Report was published, I snuck in a quick google search to understand what it meant.

The G2 Winter Report brings together verified user reviews to help present an impartial, comprehensive perspective of top software businesses globally. It showcases the most deserving of organizations, who have earned their successes through excellent performance and stellar feedback from their users. Once I understood the report, I could appreciate what an incredibly heartwarming achievement it is for Clientjoy.

Since I joined the team, it has been surreal to observe how enthusiastically the team works to ensure that the users are satisfied. I’ve been made aware of crucial moments when quick actions were required, and the team stepped up to the task come what may. The weekly meetings also never fail to mention how no user feedback is ignored, everything is taken into account to constantly grow and evolve the company.

    Achievements such as the accolades received in the 2023 Winter Report show that the commitment to offer an unparalleled all-in-one CRM experience is paying off. And this would not have been possible without the trust and feedback our beloved users show in the company.

    Therefore, instead of raving about how great the team here at Clientjoy is, how they work day and night to ensure our users get the best from us, or how thrilled we are about the badges we collected, I want to highlight the comments that keep us going. The feedback which empowers out team and accounts for our successes and our failures.

    Founder of a digital marketing agency, Barry R., said it is "almost everything a small digital marketing agency needs to grow." Alex P, a Chief Information Officer, remarked, "Clientjoy brings together what was once done but multiple software, into one, affordable package. It saves both time and money, which is the perfect duo for any small agency or solopreneur."

    While scrolling through the G2 product page, I saw that these reviews helped Clientjoy take a giant leap forward this year. The most prominent signifier of our progress was the Easiest Setup – Small Business badge. I understand that a CRM must be easy to set up, especially for small businesses. The High Performer – Winter 2023, High Performer – Europe Regional Grid, and High Performer – Small Business badges were the icing on our cake.

    On my first day at Clientjoy I was told that the company’s mission is to help 1 million creators, freelancers and agencies grow, fulfil and earn; to empower our users with the best tools to achieve great success. Working with the team, I see the passion with which they approach this mission statement. How they truly believe that without their users succeeding, Clientjoy fails to succeed. It’s an incredibly humbling thing to witness in action. Which is why even I could feel the pure joy of winning the coveted Users Love Us badge for the second time. It meant that our team here has the incredible support which we need from our users to push us forward on this path of growth. We treasure this immensely.

    We treasure you immensely. Every accomplishment Clientjoy achieve is a testament to our users. It fuels our ambition to continue building the best possible experience for you. So, if you are yet to become a part of the Clientjoy family, and if you read this with me so far, take it as a sign to sign up now! We look forward to welcoming you with arms wide open.

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    Yash did Mechanical Engineering and worked as an Investment Banker before founding a Tech Agency that grew to 55 people team offering SaaS, FinTech and E-Commerce Web & Mobile app Development. He currently serves as Chief Executive at Clientjoy - a platform that helps 13K+ Agencies & Freelancers in 90+ Countries acquire and retain happier clients.

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