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How To Earn & Grow as a Freelancer

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Yash Shah

Across the world, companies are significantly increasing the number of freelancers they hire. Whether you intend to freelance as a side gig or pursue it as a full-time career, you need to equip yourself with sufficient industry knowledge, a determination to learn and grow, and lots of patience.

Here are some of the best ways to grow your freelance business:

1. Communicate clearly and honestly

Excellent communication skills are essential in every business, more so for freelancers. Be specific about what you do and what you don’t do. It will allow you to control your perception in the eyes of potential clients and allow you to build your portfolio in the right direction. Use your communication skills to set accurate expectations and let the client know any other relevant information missing in your portfolio.

2. Learn what helps you stay motivated

Figure out what helps you stay productive if you want a profitable freelancing career. Since freelancers do not have colleagues to hold them accountable or to motivate them, they must keep themselves motivated. Understanding which technique keeps your productivity intact will enable you to finish more tasks in a day, consequently increasing your earning.

3. Include testimonials on your website/portfolio

Whether it’s buying a product or a service, people are more prone to reading reviews before spending any money. It’s the same when someone wants to hire a freelancer. Most freelancing marketplaces have an in-built review system encouraging people to post reviews about the services received. You may also ask for client’s permission to post their reviews outside of those sites. These said marketplaces also show average user ratings. Work hard and try to keep a good rating. Urge your clients to be as specific about your services as possible while writing reviews for your work.

4. Improve your portfolio

The best way to demonstrate your skills is to build an amazing portfolio of your own. Showcase your expertise, highlight relevant past experiences, describe yourself and include your contact information. The portfolio’s objective is to educate, spark interest and convince clients to consider you for their projects. Select a niche so that you can boast about the certain things you do well.

5. Offer your service(s) in additional markets

Most freelancers stick to what they know once they start making consistent money. But focusing on one market too much can limit your earning potential. It is always beneficial to have a niche, but situations can change, and it is important to see what other industries offer. If you offer that kind of flexibility, you will be more adaptable.

6. Don’t ignore the local market

Freelancing lets you take clients from all around the world. This doesn’t mean you should overlook local markets. Local opportunities can be relatively straightforward, such as delivering flowers or helping someone pack. They could also be more skill-based, such as website designing for a local business. Your local skills might also distinguish you from other freelancers who are not in the area.

7. Accept feedback gracefully

It could be disheartening to submit a project you believe is up to the mark and then hear the client suggest improvements. But do not be frustrated or disgruntled. Make it evident to the client that you care about their feedback and make the necessary changes. This shows that you’re serious about client satisfaction. Do check if the feedback aligns with your original agreement.

Freelance ideas to make money

There are many freelance business ideas out there for you to explore that do not require huge investments to start your business. So don’t let the uncertainty of how much a beginner freelancer earns bother you and take the plunge. You can try:

  1. Stock Photography
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Content Writing
  4. Web Design
  5. Web Development
  6. Translation Services
  7. Start a blog
  8. Voice Over Services
  9. Music Writing and Production
  10. SEO Services

How to Become a Freelancer Online?

The freelance market is growing exponentially, and there are several online platforms available to get started. Below are a few of the ways listed to become a freelancer online:

  1. Sign up with freelancing websites/apps such as Freelancer, Upwork, Chegg, Truelancer, Outsourcely etc.
  2. Create a blog/website to promote your brand – You can purchase your domain and web hosting
  3. YouTube channel – Before starting your own YouTube channel, look for tips online and find your niche
  4. Affiliate marketing – You can earn a lot of commission from promoting other people’s products online and offline.
  5. Social media page – You can create a social media page or group and invite other people who share your interest and earn money

How to Grow Personally?

The main reason so many people turn to freelancing is personal growth. Here is how you can manage your personal growth as a freelancer:

Consistent skill upgradation

Regardless of the type of job you’re in, you should always consider upgrading your skills to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, increase earnings, and future-proof your career. The more skills you possess, the better are your chances of landing a gig.

Take exciting projects- even if they don’t pay much

As a freelancer, you should always think about staying on top of your game, creating a point of distinction, and your own brand. Since you work individually, you are solely accountable for all the work you do.

Try new work styles

A freelancer should always be open to taking risks and trying out new work styles if a particular approach is not reaping the desired results. Do not let monotony and fatigue creep into your work.


Join co-working spaces, attend conferences and events, and become a part of online communities and groups to expand your knowledge in your niche or to learn about new markets, share experience, meet like-minded people, and grow personally.

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